The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"To get magic coins, move to one house then get the magic coins from Mystery Man. Evict that family and move to another house and do the same. Keep doing this until you get a lot of coins.

Another way to get magic coins is to go to magic town and keep performing magic untill your sim breaks down (falls asleep etc.). You will have a lot of coins." - Jezebel

"wait until the weird man brings the box to your front yard so you can get the magic items free, then put a hole in your back yard and jump into it. you can talk to the magic vendors to get quests to win free rare items. work up your logic and mechanic skills to the max by saving pressing SHIFT+CTRL+C then typing " move_objects on " in the cheat box and deleting your character, now go to the play mode and click his picture frame, this is also a good way of moving around your house. once you get your skills to the max perform on the stage without getting off. you do this by starting a trick then clicking the stage and saying to do a different trick. with the scientific one i got about 425 when my person was "too depressed to perform". then you can buy the toadstool and the toad sweat and you can make (butter churn) or buy the butter needed to make the toadification spell (butter+toadstool+toadswet) by clicking on the wand charger at your house and saying add then adding the before listed ingredients. then have a friend over and cast ste spell on them many many times. you might want to choose a non magic one because the magic ones might reverse the spell on you :-/ after you cast it 15 times a random magical object will appear in your yard. i have gotten beanstalks, sun powered flowers, roots, and magic crystals (lets you learn abilitys such as warp wand lets you use the spell repeditiveley.)." - Cheatiah

"Relationship Boost
Cast this on a Sim to boost the relationship between that Sim and yours by approximately 25.
Spell: Honey, Honey, Pixie Dust

Get Happy
Quickly cheer up a Sim with an injection of Magical Mood.
Spell: Honey, Grapes, Pixie Dust

Rain of Riches
Using this charm will generate several piles of riches on your lot totaling a value of approx 50,000.
Charm: Beeswax, Rubber Chicken, Diamond Dust

Smiley Face
Generate an instant family friend with this happy charm.
Spell: Honey, Garlic, Toad Sweat

Polar Attraction
Eliminate interests and opinions on your lot by using this charm to make everyone think you are charming and witty.
Charm: Beeswax, Dragon Scales, Llama Spit

Magic Mood
Raise the mood of your Sim, or all Sims on your lot, but be careful of unexpected side effects!
Charm: Beeswax, Magic Beans, Glacial Glass

Love Struck
Instantly attract a Sim, but be careful of "love triangle" situations.
Spell: Honey, Dragon Tears, Pixie Dust

Drop a Sim into a state of peaceful calm, then take advantage of them!
Spell: Butter, Toad Sweat, Clown Confetti

The Big Question
Cast this spell on your desired to eliminate social expectations. "Just marry me"!
Spell: Honey, Clown Confetti, Wizard Eyelashes

Price Of Fame
So it's instant fame you want? Well, you got it! But be prepared to pay the price! You may be faced with more than one obsessed fan!
Charm: Beeswax, Diamond Dust, Black Roses
" - rasta_man