The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"When you just started out Mystery man will come and give you magic items for your household and your inventory,in your inventory you will get 1 of the following items:Toadstool,Toad Sweet,Magic Wand,and 35 Magicoins,if you need more magic wands you can buy it of Mystery Man in Magic World ranging from 50-75 Simoleons" - OneInsaneGuy

"When you are doing a magic duel, you should always look at the marks on the ground tile that show up. Taht shows you the attack that they are going to do. If you choose the right attack, you will fire instead of them. The stronger attack never changes, so memorize the stronger ones and you will always win, giving you more magic coins!" - firsttohavesims

"Talk to the vendors and the will give you a challenge. complete the task and they will give you a rare Item. Get a dragon and you will never have to buy a bottle of dragon tears or dragon scales." - Magical sim

"The Wizard's Duel tip--
Black or Yellow will beat your opponent's White.
Red or Blue will beat your opponent's Black.
Black or Blue will beat your opponent's Yellow.
Red or White will beat your opponent's Blue.
Yellow or White will beat your opponent's Red.

Look at the balls behind your opponent. Whichever ones are lit, those are the spells he/ she has available. Same goes for your sim. Pause the game to judge how best to use your spells to defeat your opponent. The more rounds you win, the more magic coins you win." - mina37

"When in a dueling match.... Whtie Lightening loses to Black and Yellow. Red Wave loses to Yellow and White. Blue Tornado loses to White and Red. Black Blizzard loses to Red and Blue. And Yellow Brimstone loses to Blue and Black." - Moopy3

"Buy a beanstalk in buy mode, then use magic for about sixty days. It should be growing. When it's tall enough, your Sims can climb it to go to Lot 99!" - Sims Fan