The Sims Makin' Magic An Interview with Jonathan Knight.

GT: What type of quests will Sims receive and what rewards will they get for completing them?

JK: Quests include simple deliveries, speed and coordination games, and complex puzzles.  And there are a variety of secret ingredients as rewards for a job well done.  There is also a dueling arena where you can match your wits and spells against other Magic Town visitors.


The Haunted House ride serves up some thrills and chills.

GT: Will Magic Town be a separate location similar to Downtown or Studio Town?

JK: A little bit of both. Like Downtown or Studio Town, it’s a new and fully customizable location.  However, Magic Town is unique in two ways.  First, you can either take the whole family there, or you can opt to just take a single Sim.  And most importantly, Magic Town is the first location with additional residential lots, which can be earned through gameplay.  Experienced magic Sims will be able to move into one of three brand new residential lots in the exclusive “Creepy Hollow” section of Magic Town.


GT: Can Sims perform magic at other locations such as Studio Town?

JK: Yes, they sure can!


GT: What kind of carnival rides will be in Magic Town? Can players customize or build their own rides?

JK: There are six rides in total, in two distinct themes: Carnival Clown and Haunted House.  These rides can be connected to each other in any combination, and can also be linked with several additional track pieces.  Once the ride is built just the way you want it, you can send one or more Sims through the ride, and let the mayhem ensue.  The options for these rides are endless, and we can’t wait to see what combinations fans come up with.