The Sims Makin' Magic An Interview with Jonathan Knight.

GT: What happens once ghosts or mummies are summoned?  Do they cause any trouble?  Do they hang around until banished?

JK: No, they won’t hassle anyone.  They’re summoned as part of the Spook Show act and behave… for the most part.


Come to mummy!

GT: Can Sims make money with magic or will they still need to keep their day jobs?

JK: There are all kinds of new ways that Sims can make money in The Sims Makin’ Magic, from bottling nectar, to selling homemade ingredients.  Magic itself is usually not a money maker (although there is one spell called “Rain of Riches”), but magic can certainly replace some other activities that usually cost simoleons.


GT: Who are some of the Questing NPCs Sims will encounter?

JK: Magic Town is full of unique characters – including Vicki Vampiress and Apothecary Todd – but they are all genuine employees of the Sims’ MagiCo corporation.


GT: Where can the Questing NPCs be found?  Will Sims need to do anything special to find them?

JK: Just visit Magic Town!