The Sims Makin' Magic An Interview with Jonathan Knight.

GT: Will there be dark magic spells?

JK: “Mischievous” is probably a better word :)  Yes, not every spell is intended for good.  There isn’t too much good that can come from turning someone into a toad or donkey, or even making a Sim cluck like a chicken, but it sure is fun!


Magic - it's not just for adults.

GT: Will there be a magic skill for Sims?  What can cause a spell to backfire and what are some of the negative consequences of spells gone bad?

JK: Mastery of certain skills help in the creation and effective casting spells.  And spells backfire for all kinds of unique reasons, ranging from mood to time of day.  Backfires can transform Sims, make creepy crawly reptiles appear on your lot, cause floods, and even make the little gnomes angry…


GT: Can Sims use magic on other Sims, say to catch the eye of a love interest or get rid of an unwelcome party guest?

JK: Of course!  What good would magic be if you couldn’t use it to shortcut your way to romance? :)


GT: Tell us a bit about the minions. If a Sim creates a skeleton maid or gardener gnome, will they have their chores done for free? Do gnomes do good work?

JK: Once you have a Skeleton Closet (get it?), then yes, the maid will be free ever after.  And the gnomes do great work… just keep them away from your nectar.