The Sims Makin' Magic First Look

Raising spirits at Magic Town.

If you're wondering where your sims will pick up magic reagents for the more advanced spells, the answer is Magic Town.  Magic Town is a special location similar to Downtown or Studio Town reached by traveling through a magic portal.  In addition to browsing the magic shops, sims visiting Magic Town can perform magic at the Side Show, Spook Show, and Magic Trick Table.  If you're looking to challenge a hotshot wizard and take him down a peg or two, then a magical duel in the Magic Dueling Arena is what you're looking for.

Magic Town is also a place to relax and have some fun.  You can enjoy carnival rides such as the Fun House and Haunted House, and even build custom rides.  When your sims get a little hungry, they're in for a treat from the popcorn maker, cotton candy stand, and, for your Hungarian sims, the Ghoul-ash Cart.

There's more to Makin' Magin than magic.  Sims who enjoy gardening will now be able to grow grapes and berries in the new Vine Plot.  After harvest the fruits of your labors can be turned into sweet nectar.  Sims with cooking skills will love the new Baker's Oven and have fun making breads, pies, and cakes.  There will be over 150 new items in all, including a magical decorator set complete with creepy moving paintings and creaking staircases.  There will also be a Mediterranean themed kitchen set, complete with new appliances to match and even a new tea set.

Makin' Magic will arrive in stores in time for Halloween.  We'll have more in-depth details on the game soon.