The Sims Makin' Magic Getting Started in Magic

There is another way to get ingredients without having to pay for them. You’ll notice that certain sims in Magic Town have a barter action available. This action will allow you to trade one ingredient for another. You can barter with the following sims to obtain the ingredients noted:

The Snake Charmer will trade snake venom for golden thread.

Vicki Vampress will trade garlic for beeswax.

Mara the faerie will trade four leaf clover for honey.

Apothecary Todd, the medicine wagon vendor, will trace rubber chicken for elderberry nectar.

One thing that all of these vendors have in common is that the ingredients that they are looking for can all be made by your sim at home with the right object. Also, these sims are the same ones who will give quests to your sim to obtain even more ingredients.

Once you have the ingredients that you need, charge up your wand and keep practicing your spells. There’s another reason to stick to the simple spells at first – you’ll be rewarded with a magic growth once your sim casts fifteen spells successfully. Magic growths include special flowers, roots, beanstalks, and seven different types of crystals. The plants will grow over time (yes, you’ll eventually be able to climb the beanstalk), but the crystals have their own benefit. When you click on a crystal it will give your sim one of seven special abilities: extinguish, hot foot, levitate, shock, spook, teleport, and magic trick.

Keep working your way through the spell book and be careful to pick on sims with lower skills than you and you’ll be on your way to becoming a great sim spellcaster. Make sure that you buy all of the new skill objects, the beehive, spinning wheel, nectar press, and butter churn. These objects are great because they increase your skills and give you free ingredients for your spells. You can even sell the products of your labor for extra cash if you want. Happy spell casting!