Evil Genius First Look - E3 2004

You’ll also be able to fill your base with ingenious traps to dispatch those foolhardy enough to enter your lair. These traps are not your typical run of the mill explosive devices or electrified fences. The traps in Evil Genius are all appropriately off the wall and designed to match the game’s tongue in cheek humor. One trap is a hidden wall fan that when tripped will blow the unsuspecting enemy briskly in the opposite direction. You can set a string of fans through your base that will push your victim down the hallways until he ends up in a jail cell or over a trap door above a furnace. You’ll have to be careful with your trap design though. Minions are not the smartest people in the world and have been known to get caught in your own traps.

A trap zaps some base invaders.

Should you capture an agent you can torture him for information. The good thing about an evil lair is that just about anything can be used as a torture device. The greenhouse you use to grow food? Well there’re also man-eating plants in there. The more you interrogate and torture a prisoner the more information you get, but you also run the risk of killing the agent. Also, in true James Bond style you can send your evil genius to gloat over the captured agent. This will help your notoriety, but your evil genius tends to get distracted when talking about his favorite subject and there will be a chance that the agent will take the opportunity to escape.

Base building and defense are important, but you’ll need to go out into the world if you want to make a name for yourself and bankroll your schemes. Your evil office has its requisite world domination map and it is on this map that you move your agents in the field in order to complete your dirty work. In addition to standard dirty tricks such as filching famous artworks, you’ll be able to attempt to pull off more dastardly schemes such as kidnapping pop stars or stealing the Eiffel Tower.

The villains have always been as big a part of the Bond movies as 007 himself. While rooting for Bond was a given, you always had to admire the complex plans hatched by the baddies. Now you can try your hand at world domination through evil planning, except in this case you have a chance to succeed.