Civilization III: Conquests Tips & Secrets

"I like the updated modern age starting after you can get infantry. There is a wider variety of beneficial units and opens up many avenues to pursue from land, sea, and air.

Marines have a new attack value of 12, making them very useful, especially from an amphibious assault point of view. They can also due quite well on land if you lack the oil or technology for tanks. The marine now gives another option to the tank. The introduction of TOW Infantry with Rocketry gives a boost to defense prior to researching Computers, and are beneficial even afterwards as they bombard on defense, and still have a decent defense of 14. Paratroopers (even modern ones), in my opinion are still relatively useless due to their low attack values, as they are really only beneficial in certain situations. Dropping behind enemy lines to eliminate resources or hold a 'funnel' location are the only uses I can think of, but I rather use a helicopter (now holds 3 units & TOW are good to use) to drop better units in. Tanks still have their great benefits of attack strength and speed. Air defense units are also useful to defend your units in the field against air assaults which can now kill units. Though tanks can charge into enemy territory, they may get ripped apart by air attacks, so sometimes, a slow advancing line of units, with defensive & offensive infantry units, air counters, and artillery can be a better option to tanks

Navy movement has increased adding a little more realism to the benefit of traveling at sea. Destroyers are very important early on as they can detect submarines and have the movement to chase down transports/subs or whatever you like. The introduction of cruiser fills the gap between destroyers and battleships nicely. With lethal air bombardment, carriers with fighters now become very important for air defense. Submarines have their stealth attack which very handy for picking of transports or weaker naval units. Try using subs with 'cover' such as a cruiser, for protection against destroyers. Transports now only hold six units, so more are required to move your armies. They can also bring cruise missiles with them, making cruise missiles more useful.

Air units now play a key role. Not only can bombers soften up land and sea units, but can kill them with lethal bombardment. Which means that with enough bombers, you can kill all the units in a city and take it over quite easily (almost the same effect as a nuke, minus the pollution and everyone hating you). This also makes fighters and Anti-Air ground units/SAM's very important to shoot down bombers. Establishing air superiority is a key element I believe in the modern warfare.

Anyways, that's my 2 cents on some of the changes to modern units and the introduction to new ones." - Mike