Dungeon Siege II Side Quest Guide

AF03 -- Lelani's Sorrow

        * Intended level: 3 (this is just the starting level)
        * Talk to Lelani (to start the quest)
        * Bring Fenella a toy to cheer up her child
        * Bring soldier Balamar something special to quench his thirst
        * Bring soldier Jordhan some fresh meat 
        * Bring soldier Kiernan something to change his luck
        * Bring Alar'ithil a trophy of the enemy that he can display
        * Bring Prospector Gareth some supplies
        * Bring Nalus something ancient and interesting he can study
        * Bring Ithir'renne the fletcher a new material to use for crafting 
        * Bring Lelani a keepsake from Aman'lu

Details: You wont be able to complete this quest until you reach ACT III.
         And also, there's always a risk of screwing this one especially 
         if you're not careful when selling/ dropping items. Once any of
         the trade items are lost, you wont be able to complete this quest.

         1.Start the quest by talking to Lelani inside the house next to the
         Eirulan pet shop. She will then give you a DOLL.

         2. Go to the Falls (take the lift beside the Inn) and visit the 
         first cottage. Talk to Fenella and give the doll. You will then get
         a FLASK OF ELVEN ALE.

         3. After you arrive in Azunite Desert (ACT I, CH7) enter the room
         and talk to soldier Baramar. He will tell you that he needs 
         something to quench his thirst. Trade him the Elven Ale and get a
         SKATH CAT RIBS.

         4. Go back to Eirulan and go to the Inn. Go upstairs and talk to 
         soldier Jordhan. He will take the Skath Cat Ribs and will give you
         a LUCKY STATUETTE OF XERIA in return.

         5. When you reach Snowbrook Haven's Courtyard in ACT II, CH7, go
         inside the dining hall and talk to Soldier Kiernan. Trade the 
         statuette for a MORDEN HEAD ON A PIKE.

         6. Return to Aman'lu and go accross the south bridge. Enter the
         ruined house in the westside and talk to Alar'ithil. Trade the 
         Morden head for his ELVEN WATER.

         7. In ACT III, CH1, exit through the North Gate of Kalrathia. Look
         for some tower ruins and for the lever that leads down. Find 
         Prospector Gareth and learn that he needs supplies. Give him the
         Elven water and you will get an AGALLAN RELIC in exchange.

         8. Return to Kalrathia and head to the north wall. Talk to the 
         half-giant Nalus and he will show interest in the Agallan Relic you
         have. Trade it for some HARPY FEATHERS.

         9. Go back to Aman'lu and head to the northernmost part of the
         town. Find Ithir'renne in one of the ruined houses there and trade
         the Feathers for an AMANLU ORCHID.

         10. Return the orchid to Lelani in Eirulan to complete the quest.

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