Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

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v1.00 2005/09/04
      - Entire walkthrough is complete
      - The book and quest item lists are complete
      - The class skills & powers tables and charts are complete (but
        still not formatted)


* Per Sandstrom for suggesting adding the availability of fifth and
  sixth party slots to the FAQ. This has been done in the new FAQ
  section 1.2

* Ahmed Mohamed and Kevin Barr for pointing out that Vix will go to the
  Eirulan inn if you refuse his offer of help when you first meet him.

* Anders Blomgren for mentioning that it would be a good idea to point
  out when you will meet henchmen in the game. This has been done in
  the Henchmen section 7.1, and will begin to be incorporated in the

* Ceryle Gaehl, T1nk3rts5 and Sven for contributing several item set pieces

* Burma27 who has given me a lot of information about tactics, strategy,
  and game mechanics. These have not yet (as of this version) been
  incorporated into this guide, but I will be doing a massive rewrite of
  Section 2 based on his information. Probably after the Walkthrough is

* Mystikclaw for sending me his game notes, which have been a big help
  in filling in the blanks.

* Saed Swedan and Adythiel for sending me their completed save games so
  I could dig through their journals and see what I was missing. :)

* Kevin Sanders and Sven for submitting the puzzle solution for "The Lost
  Jewels of Soranith".

* Sven for submitting puzzle solutions for "The Agallan Trail".

* Grey Wraith for pointing out where the Lesser Chant of Prosperity is

* Scott Wellnitz for pointing out the skipping cutscene bug; too bad
  it had to bite him for him to notify me of the problem. :(

* GypsyLynx for pointing out there's a hidden room with a chant in
  Prospector Gareth's "Crumbling Ruins".

* Scott Hutchens for filling in Quest Item #89, Mythril Stanza of the
  Dwarven Song of Ore.

* Austin McDonald for point to the location of the fourth of Amren's
  mushroom rings.

Written & Copyright 2005 by Barry Scott Will

Some text (noted in guide) has been reproduced from within the game. Such 
text is Copyright 2005 by Gas Powered Games.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 
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