Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[6.2] Classes, Skills & Powers

There are four primary classes in DS2:
* Melee Combat (fighter)
* Ranged Combat (ranger)
* Combat Mage
* Nature Mage

For each class there is a related ability score:
* Strength for fighter
* Dexterity for ranger
* Intelligence for mages

When you use a particular type of attack, your level in that class increases 
as does the related stat. Thus, if you spend a lot of time shooting a bow, 
your ranger class level and dexterity will both increase rapidly. Non-related 
ability scores will also increase, but much more slowly than the related 
ability. Other classes will not increase at all unless you switch to that 
class' type of attack.

Versatility in one character is not highly prized nor useful in Dungeon Siege 
2. Pick a class and focus on it. You might want to pick up a few levels in a 
related class in case you really need it (some melee for a ranged character, 
or nature magic for a combat mage), but you'll find being a multi-classed 
character in DS2 is just a recipe for disaster.

Decide in advance what class you want to follow and stick with it. There's 
really not much point in adding a few extra levels of other classes. Variety 
of abilities is why you can have up to a six-member party, so don't try to 
turn your character into a jack-of-all-trades.

You can see your class levels, your progress toward your next level, your 
ability scores and your progress to an ability score increase on the 
Inventory tab of your Character Window.

For each character, there is also a character level. Your character level 
increases as you gain experience from killing monsters. It is not directly 
related to your class levels. Each time your character level increases, you 
gain 1 skill point to spend on the skills shown on the Specialties tab of the 
Character Window. You can see your current character level and your progress 
toward your next level on the Character Window. You can also see your 
character level progress bar next to your character portrait.

Each class has skill paths that can increase the power of the character with 
specific types of attacks. For example, combat mages can focus skill points 
in fire, lightning or death magic. The types of skills you buy determine the 
types of hero powers you receive.


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