Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

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@_/_/_/_/_| ____  [6] CHARACTERS                                         )
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[6.1] Character Races

* 2 Unspent skill points
* +2 Strength
* +1 Dexterity
* +1 Intelligence
* +10% chance to find magic items

Humans are the jack-of-all-trades race in DS2. With small bonuses in all 
three ability scores and no preset skills, humans can easily excel at any 
class. (You get to spend the two skill points at the first character level 
increase.) Human should be the race of choice if you do not know beforehand 
what class you want to be...or you just don't like the look of the other 
races. Humans have no specific strength other than they neither have any 
specific weakness. Human characters can be either male or female.

* 1 point in Natural Bond
* 1 point in Dodge
* -2 Strength
* +4 Dexterity
* +2 Intelligence
* +10% Death Magic resistance
* Only female

Dryads excel at archery and can also do well at magic--especially nature 
mages. A Dryad should not be considered for a front-line fighter. A Dryad 
character can, from the beginning of the game, harvest mana bushes for 
additional mana potions with the 1 point in Natural Bond skill. Dryads also 
automatically receive 1 point in Dodge, which allows ranged characters to 
have a chance to dodge physical damage. You can only play as a female Dryad.

* 1 point in Critical Strike
* 1 point in Brilliance
* +1 Dexterity
* +3 Intelligence
* +5% mana recovery

An elf can work well in any class; but, they are really geared towards being 
mages, especially combat mages. While they start with Critical Strike in the 
melee skill tree, they have no Strength bonus to help them fight. They do get 
a nice Intelligence boost and the Brilliance combat magic skill. And, of 
course, they could also go ranged with their +1 dexterity. In short, elves 
are almost as versatile as humans. Elf characters can be either male or 

* 2 points in Fortitude
* +6 Strength
* -2 Dexterity
* +5% health regeneration
* Only male

Half-giants are designed to be fighters and should be the first choice of any 
player that just wants to get down-and-dirty with enemies. They are natural 
tanks, wretched at archery and just average at magic. While you could push a 
half-giant down a magic path, why waste that Strength bonus? You can only 
play as a male half-giant.

While each race has its strengths, these strengths mainly come into play only 
in the early game. By Chapter 5 of Act I, your primary ability score will 
have risen into the 40s or 50s. By Act III, expect your primary ability score 
to be around 200. Thus, the starting differential in ability scores rather 
quickly becomes statistically insignificant. Choose your race based on what 
you think looks best--after all, you're going to be staring at your avatar 
for the next 30 to 40 hours...


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