Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[5.5] Books

All the Lore books you can collect, in the order in which they are listed in 
your journal.

 1) Tome of Smithing; Great Hall of Eirulan

 2) The Hak'u; room behind the bartender in the Eirulan tavern

 3) The Mothers of Eirulan; Great Hall of Eirulan

 4) Tattered Diary; near the ghost in the Hak'u Caves in North Greilyn

 5) Razka's Riddle; Deru's Treasure Hunt quest

 6) Vol. 6, The Skath; in the tower where you first meet Vix

 7) Vol. 7, The Deeds of Xeria; Windstone Fortress' Western Gatehouse

 8) Vol. 8, The Death of Xeria; Xeria's Temple, north room

 9) Living and Working with Half-Giants

10) Vol. 9, The War of Legions; Xeria's Temple, north room

11) Letter from Drevin; received from his sister, Drianjul in Aman'lu

12) Vol. 10, The Legend of Arinth the Mad; received from Eolanda

13) Vol. 5, Turmanar and its Aftermath; in Alt'orn Hall in Aman'lu

14) Vol. 11, The Dryads and their Customs; Eolanda's house

15) Vol. 12, Zaramoth's Ascendance and Downfall; Aman'lu magic shop 2nd floor

16) Vol. 13, Elandir's Life and Teachings; Aman'lu inn 2nd floor

17) Vol. 4, Valdis and His Armies; Tywlis' house in Aman'lu

18) Vol. 14, Fables of Ancient Artifacts; Eolanda's house

19) Vol. 15, Symbology of the Azunites; Aman'lu magic shop 2nd floor balcony

20) Vol. 3, Downfall of the Manu Ostar; Alar'ithil's house

21) Taclak Perversity

22) Vol. 17, The Path of Life; Shrine of Life

23) Vol. 18, The Path of Sight; Shrine of Sight

24) Vol. 19, The Path of Death; Shrine of Death

25) Vol. 20, The Path of Blindness; Shrine of Blindness

26) Guard's Report; Servant's Haunt quest

27) A Burned Letter; Servant's Haunt quest

28) Vol. 2, The Dark Wizards; Vai'kesh Sanctuary

29) Razka's Second Riddle; Deru's Treasure Hunt

30) Vol. 1, Kings and Queens of the Northern Reaches; Snowbrook Haven
    Servant's Quarters

31) Elves and Elven Culture

32) Vol. 16, The Legacy of Azunai; room along the north wall of Kalrathia

33) The Morden: Allies or Enemies?; cellar beneath the Kalrathian tavern

34) The Mercenary and the Scholar; "reward" for the Lore of Aranna quest

35) Journal of the Mage's Apprentice; part of The Mage's Apprentice quest

36) The Meaning of the Obelisks


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