Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[5.4] Item Sets

Items sets are special groups of matched equipment that provide additional 
bonuses if you equip two or more items from the same set. Most of the sets 
are intended for specific specializations within each class; however, that 
does not preclude other specialties from using the equipment. For example, a 
dual-wielder could wear the Fire King's helmet and armor, even if he wasn't 
going to use the two-handed maul that goes with the set.

Some sets include only non-weapon items, these are listed as "Armor Sets" 
(even though they may not contain any armor). There are also a few sets that 
are general-purpose sets useable by any class of character. They are listed 
in section 5.4.4 Miscellaneous Sets. Sets are broken down by the specialty 
for which they are intended and are listed in ascending order of average 
level for the equipment. Thus Night's Shadow (low level dual-wield) is listed 
before Furious Tempest (high level dual-wield).


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