Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

Lesson 41: Hiring Pets
Pets are special non-humanoid party members that can help you on your journey. 
They cannot learn skills or wear gear, but you can customize them by feeding 
them items, and they can learn special powers that your other party members 

Your pets will get more powerful as your party increases in levels, but they 
don't earn experience. Unlike your other party members, a pet's level is 
always equal to your hero's level, even if it is disbanded and rehired later 

A pet's stats grow according to its level.

You can purchase pets at pet shops. Pet shops exist in each town, and new 
pets become available in the pet shops as the party discovers them along 
their journey. Speak to a pet seller to see a list of the pets they sell. 
LEFT-CLICK the Details button to show the abilities and stats of each pet. 
LEFT-CLICK the Buy button to add the selected pet to your party.

When you disband a pet from your party, you can choose whether to send it to 
the inn or release it into the wild. Released pets are gone forever. If you 
send your pet to the inn, you can talk to the innkeeper to get it back in 
your party. You can also release your pets into the wild from the inn.

Lesson 42: Powering Up Pets
You can feed pets items to increase their maturity. The more expensive an 
item you feed them, the more they grow. To feed an item to a pet, DRAG the 
item to the Character Viewer on your pet's Inventory tab.

LEFT-CLICK the pet's Development tab to see its stats. Pets can gain bonuses 
depending on the items your feed them:

* Fighter weapons give a large strength increase.
* Ranged weapons give a large dexterity increase.
* Mage weapons and spells give a large intelligence increase.
* Fighter armor increases armor and adds a little strength.
* Ranger armor increases armor and adds a little dexterity.
* Mage armor increases armor and adds a little intelligence.
* Potions increase health and mana.
* Reagents, rings and amulets give a small bonus to everything.

Lesson 43: Pet Emanations and Powers
Your pet can learn an emanation or power at certain maturity levels. Each pet 
has a unique power and emanation. Pets learn their power when they have eaten 
enough items to reach juvenile maturity and their emanation when they become 
fully mature.

Pet powers are used the same way as character powers. To learn more about a 
pet's power, place the pointer over the Power icon on the pet's Development 

And emanation is a powerful aura that grants a bonus to all character's 
within a certain radius of the pet. Each type of pet grants a different bonus 
with their emanation.

To learn more about a pet's emanation, place the pointer over the Emanations 
icon on the pet's Development tab. Emanation bonuses from the same type of 
pet don't combine.

Lesson 44: Saving and Loading Multiplayer Games
Your multiplayer party--including all experience and equipment data--is 
periodically saved as you play a multiplayer game. No information about the 
world is saved, however, unless you save the session.

To exit and save your party data only, press ESC and then LEFT-CLICK Save and 

To save your party and the current session, press ESC and then LEFT-CLICK 
Save Session. World data, such as quests completed and monsters killed, is 
saved along with your party's information.

When you start a multiplayer game, you can start at the beginning of the game 
or load a saved session. To load a saved session, select it from the list of 
saved sessions in the host's Game Options window.


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