Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[4.7] The Mysterious Mystery Quest

*Please note the information contained here is an abbreviated version of this 
mystery. The full solution can be found here:


It was put together by Gulnaga, Negorath, ebator and dknyc. Full credit to 
them for solving the mystery and posting the solution.

Beginning as early as midway through Act I, you may encounter a mysterious 
creature known only as ???. This level 100 thief teleports in whenever you've 
just received a large drop of magic items. He'll steal some of your items, 
run around for a bit, then teleport away.

Your goal, when he appears, is to hit him with everything you've got (large 
damage powers are especially useful). At the least, getting hit will keep him 
away from your treasure and cause him to drop some of his own. If you succeed 
in draining his health, he drops a Mysterious Stone, on which is etched 
"surotces suiranmuloc". (Note that ??? will keep showing up throughout the 
game, even if you "kill" him.)

In addition to the Stone, you will need three Mysterious Set items: 
Mysterious Bucket, Mysterious Book and Mysterious Token.

* Mysterious Bucket: hidden in the Elven Prison where Arinth the Mad is
  held. Once you've opened the stairs (see section 4.4, #6), activate the
  lamp to one side of the door into the prison. A secret door halfway up
  the stairs will open. Get the Bucket from the treasure chest.

* Mysterious Book: part of the reward for completing the Lore of Aranna
  Secondary Quest in Act III.

* Mysterious Token: part of the reward for completing the Aman'lu Arena
  Secondary Quest in Act II.

Once you have all four items, are pretty high level (at least 40) and very 
well-equipped, go to any incantation shrine and manually incant:

  columnarius sectorus

You'll be transported to a Mysterious Cave. There's a teleporter, but it's 
one way only. You can teleport out, but you have to use the chant to get back 
in. Head for the first door. You need the Mysterious Bucket to open this door 
(but you don't have to equip it, just have it in Inventory).

Beyond is a series of hallways occupied by level 40 praire dogs. They're a 
lot tougher than any of Valdis' minions, so watch out. The next door requires 
you have the Mysterious Book in your Inventory to open. Beyond is the 
nastiest fight in the entire game.

There are evil doppelgangers of all eight of your possible NPC companions 
from this game. And they are well-equipped, level 40, 30,000 health bad asses. 
If you can defeat them, stand in front of the next door and manually incant:

  Requo furtivum ixo

You'll enter a strange treasure room with many remarkable treasures.


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