Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[4.5] Act III: Primary Quests

Chapter 1: Restore Kalrathia's Water
* Follow the aqueduct to its source
* Defeat the Ganth
* Restore Kalrathia's water
* Return to Lord Kalrathia in the great hall

Leave Kalrathia by the North Gate and follow the path until you reach the 
Water Temple. Inside the temple, fight the Ganth, who has 12,500 health and 
is resistant to fire, lightning and death damage. But, tough as the Ganth is, 
when you exit into the Temple Courtyard, you're in for much worse.

The Courtyard is crawling with Morden and you will be hard pressed. Plenty of 
AoE powers are the name of the game. When everything is dead, push the 
glowing button on the north wall to turn the water on. Teleport back to 
Kalrathia and speak to Lord Kalrathia.

Chapter 2: The Morden Chief
* Enter the Morden city of Darthrul
* Speak to the Morden Chief
* Defeat the Morden Chief
* Bring the head of the Morden Chief back to Lord Kalrathia

Leave Kalrathia by the East Gate and fight your way through the Eastern Plain 
of Tears and Ruins of Okaym. Once you enter Darthrul, you should meet a 
Patrol Leader who will drop a key to the District of the Sword, which is 
located in the northeast quadrant of the city. Enter and kill the City 
Lieutenant for the key to the District of the Crossbow.

That district is the southwest quadrant. Once again, enter and kill the City 
Lieutenant, who drops the key to the District of the Lance. The District of 
the Lance is in the northwest and the City Lieutenant drops the key to the 
District of the Chief.

Enter the District of the Chief to the north. Fight your way to the Chief, 
speak to him, then kill him. Return to Kalrathia and talk to Lord Kalrathia 
to start Chapter 3.

Chapter 3: The Kalrathian Rebellion
* Defeat all the Morden in the town of Kalrathia
* Report to Tehruth

Well, this is pretty simple. You just wiped out a whole city of Morden, now 
all you have to do is clear them out of Kalrathia. There are 30 Morden, and 
the game will count them down for you. Zoom in on your map to find the little 
red dots, and don't forget about the North Wall, where there are about six 
Morden. Once they are all dead (you'll get a task entry in your Quest log), 
return to the great hall and speak to Tehruth.

Chapter 4: The Mines of Kaderak
* Travel to the Desert of Kaderak
* Destroy the first protective statue
* Destroy the second protective statue
* Destroy the third protective statue
* Destroy the fourth protective statue
* Enter the Mines of Kaderak

After Kalrathia gives you the Aegis of Sight, Tehruth will give you an 
activation stone for the Southern Desert of Kaderak teleporter. Teleport 
there and head north to the entrance to the mines. Destroy the four statues 
around the entrance, then ride the elevator down. Head down the stairs until 
you see the cutscene showing the giant shard.

Chapter 5: The Mines of Kaderak, Part II

Work your way east through the Upper Mines of Kaderak, pulling each lever you 
find. This will send an explosive-filled mine cart into the giant shard and 
open the way into the Lower Mines. Descend into the shard pit, then climb the 
wooden ramps to enter the Lower Mines.

Follow the path north, then east to reach a large elevator that takes you to 
the Summit of the Dark Wizards. Ride up the second elevator to your boss 
fight against the wizards.

These guys are more powerful versions of the one you faced when rescuing 
Evangeline--and there are three of them. Make sure you have a Nature Mage 
with the Resurrection spell or lots of Resurrection scrolls available.

Tactics are roughly the same. Take out the crystals that defend the wizards, 
then unload on them with powers. When you see circles (of lightning, death or 
fire) surrounding your characters, run! Concentrate on one wizard at a time. 
Fortunately, these guys don't summon anything, and they don't do a lot to 
help each other out.

Stick to one like glue until he's toast, then move on to the next one. Keep 
an eye out for those circles of doom at your feet and be patient. They are 
susceptible to curses, so having a combat mage with a decent curse or two 
will be helpful. And you can have your nature mage cast Spirit Embrace to 
make your party immune to the wizards' curses.

When all three are dead, take the Aegis of Life and return to the Lower Mines 
and teleport back to town. Lord Kalrathia is ill and in bed in his room on 
the west side of the great hall. Speak to him to learn how, now that you have 
the four pieces, you can reforge the Shield of Azunai.

Chapter 6: The Agallan Trial
* Speak to Advisor Kynos
* Defeat Advisor Kynos
* Take the Kalrathian Crystal to the fountain in the center of the town
  of Kalrathia
* Enter the ancient chamber underneath the town of Kalrathia
* Speak to the Azunite Ancestor
* Restore water to the western waterway
* Restore water to the norther waterway
* Restore water to the southern waterway
* Restore water to the eastern waterway
* Go through the portal to the Agallan Peaks

Your first task is to speak to Advisor Kynos, who no one in their right mind 
would like. Fortunately, you get to kill him. You'll get the Kalrathian 
Crystal that unlocks the Agallan Trial under the city. You also get Kynos' 
house key; he lives in the north section of town if you want to help yourself 
to his things. He won't be needing them any longer.

From this point, it is a long time until you see your next teleporter--about 
a quarter of the way through Chapter 8. You can use the town portal spell 
(Summon Teleporter), but those don't last through a reload. So don't start 
this next section unless you have some time to play. If you quit any time 
before the next teleporter, you're going to have a long, long trek in front 
of you.

Use the crystal on the glowing corner of the fountain, then press any of the 
buttons to ride down into the Agallan Trial area. Down the steps you go until 
you reach a large room and get a cutscene with your instructions. Talk to the 
Azunite Ancestor, then head through the west door.

Down more stairs...and more...and some more. When you finally hit bottom, go 
down into the water trough and pull the lever to open the sluice gate. Then 
turn the valve to start the water in the western waterway. Go through the 
broken wall into a tunnel; head north to the waterway
Note the three large stone controllers at the edge of the platform. These 
control floodgate doors down below. You have to activate them in various 
combinations to enable your party to get through to unblock the waterway and 
turn on the water. Each of the floodgate controllers has a center "button" 
that is either up or down.

The easiest thing to do is to enter Wait mode and send one character down and 
keep the others next to the controllers. It's easier to move one character 
around in the small rooms.

For the northern puzzle, set the controllers so they are
- Left: up
- Center: down
- Right: up

Go down into the waterway, open the gate and turn on the water. Go into the 
northwest room and around to the northeast room. Hit the switch in here so it 
is up and open the way to the south room. Push the switch in the south room 
down to open the way to the east platform.

On the platform, push the button on the east wall to open part of a shortcut 
to the southern/eastern waterway. Then go to the south end of the platform, 
enter the cistern and open the gate. This is actually for the eastern 
waterway, but might as well do it now.

Then go back into the northern waterway and open the second gate. Go up onto 
the northern platform, reform your party (if you went solo), enter the room 
to the west and push the button on the wall to open a door back to the west 
waterway. Enter the tunnel and go south. When you reach the southern waterway, 
open two gates and then turn on the water.

Go up on the platform and push each controller down and go back down into the 
waterway and open the gate. Enter the southeast corner room and thence into 
the southwest corner. Set this switch down and exit the room to open the last 
two gates to let the water run through.

Go back into the southwestern corner room and set the switch up to open the 
door north. Push this switch down to open the north door and go through and 
open the gate. Return to the northwest room.

Here's where it get's much easier to do this with a solo character. You have 
to turn the two switches up on the platform to the up position. This opens 
the way to get from the northwest room over to the northeast section of the 
waterway and open the last two gates and turn on the water. So you just 
change to another character, hit the two switches on the platform and you're 
home free.

If you haven't used the solo trick, here's what you have to do. Hit the 
switch in the northwest room to get to the southwest room. Hit the switch to 
open the door into the southern waterway. Go up to the platform and hit both 
switches. Go back to the southwest room, hit the switch, enter the northwest 
room and hit the switch and now you can get through.

For the record, to the north of the eastern water valve is a platform with a 
mana shrine (and a Mysterious Chant behind the shrine). At the west end of 
this platform is the button on the wall that opens the shortcut to the north 
platform, which you'll need to use if you did not previously open that last 
east gate.

To quickly get back to the stairs leading up, return through the south 
waterway and enter a room to the north and push the button on the wall to 
open a shortcut to the western waterway. Head up the stairs, through the big 
door, collect your loot and go through the portal.

Chapter 7: The Agallan Giants
* Investigate the Agallan Peaks
* Use the portal to travel to Zaramoth's Horns

Nothing to do here but go talk to the giants. After your chat, step through 
the new portal and get ready to start fighting again...

Chapter 8: Zaramoth's Horns
* Ascend to the top of the mountain
* Defeat the Archmage

Enter the hall to the east and fight your way to an elevator. You may note 
some Eyes of Zaramoth statues scattered about. Hitting them causes them to 
shoot a highly damaging beam of light. This technique is not important now, 
but will be later.

The elevator takes you down into a prison, where you quickly come to another 
elevator that takes you up to a platform with three other elevators. The 
Agallan Obelisk in the center of the platform grants 30 seconds of 
invulneratiblity when used. Your party must be close by to be affected, so 
Regroup around the obelisk before clicking.

The northwest elevator takes you to nature and combat mage sanctuary doors 
and another elevator that puts you back on the main path, right at the Lower 
Zaramoth's Horns teleporter. Head north from the teleporter.

After the long bridge is a room with three doors. Go east and keep fighting 
your way until you get outside. Take the southern door from the incantation 
shrine area and begin a long (and possibly arduous) slaughterfest until you 
reach the archmage.

There's a teleporter right before you enter the Archmage's Chamber. This is 
the last teleporter in the game. If you quit the game, or your entire party 
dies, after this point, you will have to return here and do everything again 
(except for the Archmage fight).

The archmage fight takes place on a platform surrounded by obelisks. You can 
use the obelisks yourself, but the archmage uses them too and therein lies 
the problem. On his own, the archmage is not that difficult. He's got 90,000 
health, but he won't do much damage to your party.

The missiles he summons out of the obelisks are something else entirely. 
Every so often, the archmage will "convert" an obelisk to his own use and it 
will start firing out missiles. These missiles are instant death for any 
character they touch. They move slowly, so you can dodge them, but if the 
archmage converts a lot of obelisks, you're in big trouble.

Make sure you have a nature mage with a resurrection spell and some rez 
scrolls for the other characters in case the nature mage bites the dust. You 
can "redeem" an obelisk the archmage has converted by attacking the obelisk. 
However, in the long run, you are better off simply unloading every power in 
your book on the archmage himself.

This is likely to be the longest, most difficult battle yet. Once he's 
defeated, the final battle is waiting at the top of the stairs.

Chapter 9: The Final Ascent
* Locate the Temple of Valdis
* Destroy Valdis
* Go through the portal

You've got a lot of stairs to climb, and every inch is contested--many times 
by groups of mini-bosses. If you've been following this guide and doing every 
sidequest, you're probably running four to five levels above everything you 
encounter, so this is mostly tedious.

**NOTE** It cannot be stressed enough that if you quit or die here, you have 
to make this ascent again and *all* the mobs respawn.

When you finally reach the Temple of Valdis, it is remarkably (and 
comfortingly clear). Open a town portal and hie thee back to Kalrathia for a 
refit. Make sure you have rez scrolls for everybody. Lots of potions. Etc.

Continue into the temple until you meet Valdis. Don't try to attack him, he's 
invulnerable. The only way to hurt him is to lure him in front of one of the 
Eyes of Zaramoth placed on the edges of the room, then beat on the eye to 
open it (and they don't have great range). Conversely, Valdis can kill you 
quite easily. No matter how well you've outfitted your party, one sword combo 
from Valdis and they all turn into grave markers.

The best way to handle Valdis is to get beyond an Eye in a straight line from 
Valdis, so that he is forced to walk directly past the Eye you're near. Time 
it so your ranger starts attacking the Eye when Valdis is about three to four 
steps away (or two or five, depending on the damage your ranger can do). If 
you time it right, Valdis will get zapped before he even gets close enough to 
you to start swinging.

For example:



             X - start shooting the Eye when Valdis is here



It will take patience and practice, but once perfected, you can take Valdis 
out pretty easily. You have to hit him three times to advance to the next 
stage of the fight. After the first hit, Valids summons a horde of Qatall 
Minions. Take them out while staying away from Valdis, then re-commence the 
luring/zapping project.

After the third hit, you get the Fantasy RPG Plot Twists for Idiots cutscene 
and the fight against Valdis takes on a more traditional flavor. Valdis is 
now, essentially, just another boss character. He's got 90,000 health and he 
can regenerate, so you don't want to leave him alone for a long time.

Don't worry about falling into the lava, if your characters are reasonably 
well-equipped, you won't get hurt (much). Just don't go swimming in it. Lay 
into Valdis with everything you've got.

Valdis has four main attacks:
1) A shockwave that will throw your characters back. Not a huge problem, even 
if you fall in the lava. However, if your party is melee-heavy, it will push 
the fighters off Valdis for a few seconds, during which he can regenerate. 
Don't worry about the shockwave and just keep at him

2) He will bring rocks crashing down. This is (or should be) a non-issue. A 
few rocks shouldn't hurt you, but, if they're giving you fits, just watch for 
the enlarging shadows and run away.

3) A gigantic fireball. This one's dangerous. Fortunately, Valdis starts to 
glow yellow before releasing it, and he won't change his orientation once he 
starts the spell. So, as soon as Valdis begins to glow yellow, run behind him 
and attack his back while he blasts empty air with a pretty fireball.

4) More a defensive maneuver than an attack, Valdis will clone himself, 
giving himself time to regenerate while you attack a clone. However, the 
clones don't react to attacks--they don't physically react and they don't 
make any noise. So if you hit a Valdis and it doesn't do anything, go attack 
another one.

Once you take off one-third of his health, he summons a horde of Qatall 
Minions. By this point, Qatall Minions should be little more trouble than 
flies. Don't worry about them and concentrate on Valdis.

When Valdis reaches 0 health, he revives and summons a shield around himself. 
(So, why didn't he do this earlier?) You can't penetrate the shield, but the 
great big Eye of Zaramoth that was just revealed, can. This one's easy 
because Valdis doesn't have his sword. Stand in front of the eye, wait for 
Valdis to get close, then whack it. Brutal Strike or Take Aim (or some other 
high-damage, single strike power) works very well.

After the cutscenes you can return to Kalrathia and finish up whatever you've 
left hanging. This would be a good time to do the Mysterious Mystery Quest 
(see section 4.7). You can also arrange your companions and equipment for 
playing at the next difficulty level.



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