Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[4.3] Act II: Primary Quests

Chapter 1: The Town of Aman'lu
* Speak with Celeb'hel the Elder in Alt'orn Hall in the town of Aman'lu

Go to the building in the middle of town and talk to the old guy sitting in 
the chair.

Chapter 2: Finala and the Broken Bridge
* Find Finala, the town's engineer, in the hills north of Aman'lu
* Convince Finala to return to Aman'lu and repair the broken bridge

From Aman'lu, head north until you find Finala. Convince her to go back to 
Aman'lu and fix the bridge (easy) and complete this chapter.

Chapter 3: The Elen'lu Isles
* Travel to the Elen'lu Isles
* Find the replace the prism's four small refractor crystals
* Find the prism's large refractor crystal and activate the prism
* Return to Aman'lu and speak with Finala

After speaking with Finala, continue following the main path north, through 
the Northern Vai'lutra Forest until you reach the teleporter. The Elen'lu 
Isles lie through the ruined temple east of the teleporter.

Now you get a new task. The taclak have stolen the refractor crystals that 
collect the diffuse light in the Isles and focus it on the main prism. You 
must find four crystals and replace them in the refractors and aim the 
refractors at the prism.


Some have been unable to complete this quest if they collected all four 
crystals first, before attempting to place any in the refractors. The 
solution is simple: place the crystals in the refractors as you are able.

On the first island, kill the taclak and collect the first crystal. Then go 
east by clicking the arch over the bridge to extend it. Watch out for taclak, 
who have the ability to jump from island to island.

At the next island, turn north, east and east again and kill the taclak for 
your second crystal. Go south three islands, then take the other north bridge 
(the one to the east) to find the first refractor. Click it to place a 
crystal, then click it again to turn it so it shines west toward the prism.

Go back south, then head west two islands to pick up your third crystal. Go 
north, then to the north end of the island to reach the second refractor. 
Turn it once to point east. Go back to the south end of the island and take 
the southeast bridge, then go east to the third refractor. Turn it three 
times to point north.

Backtrack past the second refractor and go north to pick up crystal #4. Then 
go north and then east to refractor #4. Turn it three times to point south.

Now you have to find the big crystal that goes in the prism. Go back to 
refractor #2 island and take the east bridge to the main island. Kill the 
mini-boss for the prism crystal. Put it in the top of the pyramid and watch 
the cutscene. Then kill the horde of taclak, including mini-boss, that 
surround you.

From the north end of pyramid island, you can open a westward bridge that's a 
shortcut back to the teleporter back to Aman'lu. Head to the south end of 
town and talk to Finala.

Chapter 4: The Royal Caravan
* Locate the Caravan
* Find the Vai'kesh sanctuary
* Find the leader of the Vai'kesh

Follow the road south through the Southern Vai'lutra Forest until you reach 
the caravan. Talk to the wounded elf, then continue south until you enter the 
Vai'kesh Forest. When you arrive at the gates, turn left to find the Vai'kesh 
sanctuary. You can be either friendly with or belligerent to the guards, it 
doesn't matter. Once you gain entry to the sanctuary, talk to the Prophet to 
end the chapter.

Chapter 5: The Vai'kesh and the Aegis of Death
* Follow the Vai'kesh Prophet
* Continue following the Vai'kesh Prophet
* Follow the Vai'kesh Prophet along Arinth's Ravine
* Defeat the Vai'kesh Prophet and his followers
* Find the Aegis of Death
* Defeat the Knotted Shambler
* Claim the Aegis of Death
* Talk to the Azunite Scholar

Destroy all the Vai'kesh in the sanctuary, then loot the place. There are two 
sanctuary doors (nature mage and ranger) and two secret rooms on the east 
wall, with two more secret rooms opening off those. Once finished, exit 
through the same door as the Prophet and fight your way back into the 
Vai'kesh Forest.

Turn north and open the gates you passed earlier, then follow the path south. 
Keep going until you reach the eastern end of Arinth's Ravine, where the 
Prophet will finally stand and fight in front of some caves.

After the cutscene with the Prophet, run back toward the nearby teleporter 
and draw the Vai'kesh minions after you and destroy them piecemeal. The 
Prophet will stay near the caves. Once the minions are dead, return to fight 
the Prophet, who is fairly easy...

Because he's not the actual boss fight. After killing the Prophet, enter the 
cavern to the east and head for the star on your map, which is pointing the 
way to a fight with the Knotted Shambler.

Before trying to kill the Shambler, find and destroy the leaf generators that 
pop up out of the ground. There are six, and they only show one at a time. 
Once they are destroyed, attack the Shambler. It is weak to fire, so bring a 
combat mage with you. When it starts pounding the ground, run away as the 
concussive blasts can usually take out your casters.

When the Shambler is destroyed, take the Aegis of Death, then talk to the 
Azunite Scholar, who just happens to pop in to see what you're up to.

Chapter 6: Princess Evangeline
* Find the Azunite burial grounds
* Look for the Death Masks of Champion Rahvan's brothers
* Enter the Azunite catacombs
* Find Princess Evangeline
* Rescue Princess Evangeline

Take the portal from the grotto to the Garden of the Ancients. Head south to 
find a teleporter. There are four crypts in the vicinity of the teleporter: 
one directly south, one a bit east, one further east and one to the west. 
Clear out all four crypts and collect the Death Masks they contain.

Follow the main path west to another teleporter. Nearby is the entrance to 
the Azunite Burial Grounds guarded by a ghost. Show the ghost the four Death 
Masks you collected and he'll let you in the burial grounds.

Follow the path south, over several bridges, until you reach the catacombs. 
There's a missing elevator and four obelisks. Rotate (by clicking) the 
obelisks so they display, from left to right: purple tree, red eye, yellow 
eye and green tree. The elevator will arrive. Take it down to the lower 

Fight through the catacombs to the west, and then north to reach the chamber 
where Evangeline is held prisoner by a Dark Wizard of Valdis. The Wizard is 
actually pretty easy once you figure out his defenses and pattern. He's weak 
to lightning and ice, so both combat mages and nature mages are good against 
him, as is the ranged power Charged Shots. There are some war pedestals 
scattered around the room to quickly recharge powers.

The Dark Wizard will summon some giant undead to guard him, but they're not 
too difficult. The wizard sticks to the center platform, so draw his summons 
away from him and destroy them. The wizard protects himself with three 
revolving crystal shards. Destroy the shards (not to hard) before unloading 
on the wizard with everything you've got.

He teleports around the platform, but it's not large so your melee fighters 
never have to run far to get back to him. Still, ranged attacks are better, 
so a fighter-heavy party might have some difficulty.

His main attack is a large, electrical explosion. Fortunately, you can see it 
coming when some sparking circles show up under your characters' feet. When 
they appear...run. Get away or you're going to take massive amounts of 
lightning damage. Once you learn how to avoid that attack, the wizard is a 
pushover--though it will take a while to drain his health.

After he's dead, talk to Princess Evangeline. Then talk to her again after 
she opens the north door. If you don't have room for her in your party right 
now, she'll go to the Inn of Aman'lu.

Chapter 7: The Siege of Snowbrook Haven
* Enter Snowbrook Haven through the servant's quarters
* Find the throne room and acquire the display case key
* Locate the Snowbrook Haven Commander

When you leave Eva, you'll have to fight your way out of the catacombs, 
eventually landing in Snowbrook Valley. Now you just have a very long and 
combat-rich dungeon crawl ahead of you. You'll fight your way through the 
Valley, into the Foothills, arriving at Snowbrook Mountain and working your 
way over that.

You will, after quite a long time, reach the servant's entrance into 
Snowbrook Haven. Fight through to the large room with the columns. At the 
north end of the room are two doors. Take the east door, then go south and 
then west over the bridge.

Continue west through the door and take the elevator down to the Living 
Quarters. Go through the door to the east and then either the north or south 
door to go down into the throne room.

Click the throne, take the display case key that is revealed, then fight off 
the rustguards that come to life around you. Head through the eastern door. 
Two rooms to the east you'll find a teleporter. South from the teleporter is 
an elevator. To the west of the elevator is a series of treasure rooms, one 
of which contains a mimic. Be sure to loot thoroughly before taking the up 

The elevator leads up to the Snowbrook Haven Courtyard. Go up top and speak 
to the Commander to begin the next (and final) chapter of Act II.

Chapter 8: The Siege of Snowbrook Haven, Part II
* Destroy the brall on top of the Snowbrook Haven inner keep
* Meet the Commander at the North Gate
* Destroy the Morden enemies that have broken through the North Gate
* Speak to the Commander at the North Gate
* Defeat the dragon
* Report to the Commander
* Retrieve the Aegis of Blindness
* Finish off the dragon
* Escape from Snowbrook Haven
* Travel to the town of Kalrathia and speak with the town lord there

Go down and around behind the dining hall to find the door leading into the 
eastern keep. What follows is from the Dungeon Crawls for Dummies instruction 
manual. Just keep going until you reach the upper ramparts of the keep and 
destroy the monsters hurling rocks. Then take the elevator down to see the 

A horde of Morden will break through the gates and you must beat them off. 
Speak to the Commander again. Oh look! A humongous dragon! The Act II boss 
fight has finally arrived.

Send your party back up the elevator to the inner keep. There's a circular 
platform to the south with a ballista. The only way to kill the dragon is to 
hit it with the ballista. Take your best-armored, highest health character 
and use Wait mode to send him/her solo to the ballista.

You can only hit Talon (the dragon) with the ballista. And you can only do 
this when he's perched atop the castle walls. There are five positions in 
which he lands, like so:


       2                4

1                                5

You can rotate the ballista (B) left and right using the cranks to either 
side of the device. Click the ballista itself to fire. Each time you hit 
Talon, he'll jump into the air and fire-bomb the platform for a bit.

While he's in the air, rotate the ballista to the #3 spot, so you can quickly 
reposition it to any landing spot when Talon alights once more. Once you've 
hit Talon a couple of times, the Morden will start catapulting Durvla up to 
the battlements.

Switch to the Mirror party order and press R to call your party to you to 
help deal with the Durvla; but, don't miss a chance to take a pot shot at the 
dragon while you're at it.

It takes about 8 hits to kill the dragon, so this fight mostly takes a lot of 
patience. Once it's over, head back to the Commander and speak to her.

Ah, well, so much for Snowbrook Haven. Head up the east side of the ramparts 
to the Reliquary door, which you can now unlock with the Commander's key. 
Grab the Aegis of Blindness. Before making good on your escape, remember 
there is always time for some constructive looting. Exit to the northeast.

Well, now, you didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you?

This time, Talon's a lot tougher. He may have less than a third of his health, 
but you're going to have to chop that off yourself, without a huge piece of 
medieval artillery to help. There's little room to avoid his fiery blasts, 
just don't stand in them when they hit. Keep your ranged characters moving 
side-to-side and keep hitting him with powers--especially lightning and ice 
based powers.

Once Talon is finally, actually dead, speak to that blasted Azunite Scholar 
who keeps popping up after you could have used his help. Take the southeast 
door to the teleporter room. Grab the Greater Chants of Dexterity, 
Intelligence and Strength before using the teleporter to travel to Kalrathia.

Looks like the Morden got here first, but, amazingly, they aren't hostile. 
Head across the plaza to town hall and talk with the kid who's been thrust 
into the leadership role.


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