Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[4.2] Act I: Secondary Quests

#1: The Armorer's Apprentice
* Intended level: 3
* Read the Tome of Smithing and tell Telinu the correct material list for
  Dryad armor

When getting the sharpening stones from Telinu, agree to help her get the 
proper recipe for Dryad armor. After completing the Morden towers quest, 
search the great hall for the Tome of Smithing. Read it to learn the proper 
recipe for Dryad armor. Return to Telinu and teach her the recipe. Your 
reward is the suit of armor she makes.

#2: Lumilla's Salve
* Intended level: 3
* Collect four nettle clusters and give them to enchantress Lumilla

Talk to Lumilla, the enchantress, in the merchant's area of Eirulan. Find (or, 
better, buy from the reagent merchant) four nettle clusters and give them to 
Lumilla to receive a jar of her salve, which is a reagent with healing 

#3: Lelani's Sorrow
* Intended level: 3
* Talk to Lelani about the strange doll on the table next to her
* Bring Fenella a toy to cheer up her child
* Bring soldier Balamar something special to quench his thirst
* Bring soldier Jordhan some fresh meat
* Bring soldier Kiernan something to change his luck
* Bring Alar'ithil a trophy of the enemy that he can display
* Bring Prospector Gareth some supplies
* Bring Nalus something ancient and interesting he can study
* Bring Ithir'renne the fletcher a new material to use for crafting arrows
* Bring Lelani a keepsake from Aman'lu

Despite the low level, this quest takes until Act III to complete. It's a 
simple trading quest. Start by talking to Lelani, who lives in the house next 
to the pet shop in Eirulan. Take the doll she gives you and find Fenella in a 
house near the Falls (reach the Falls from a lift beside the inn). Fenella 
will give you a flask of Elven ale.

When you arrive at the Azunite Desert camp (beginning of Act I, Chapter 7), 
enter the house and talk to soldier Balamar. He's dying of thirst and, when 
he sees your Elven Ale, he'll actually break down in tears.

Isn't that sweet?

Give him the Ale and he'll give you some skath cat ribs. Take the ribs to 
soldier Jordhan on the second floor of the Eirulan inn. He'll give you a 
statuette of Xeria in return. When you reach Snowbrook Haven's Courtyard at 
the end of Act II, Chapter 7, you can find Soldier Kiernan in the dining hall.

In exchange for your statuette of Xeria, he'll give you a tasty Morden head 
on a pike. Take the Morden head to Alar'ithil in the south of Aman'lu and 
he'll give you some Elven water for your head. Take the Elven Water to 
Prospector Gareth, who resides in the bottom of a ruined tower just beyond 
the North Gate of Kalrathia (Act III, Chapter 1).

Gareth will give you an Agallan relic, which goes to the half-giant Nalus, 
who is hanging out on the North Wall of Kalrathia. Take the harpy feathers 
you receive from Nalus, and visit the fletcher Ithir'renne in the extreme 
north of Aman'lu. Finally, Ithir'renne gives you an Aman'lu orchid, which you 
can take to Lelani to cheer her up.

#4: Secrets of the Elven Shrine
* Intended level: 8
* Find the secret rooms rumored to be in the Elven Shrine
* Find the Lost Sapphire of the Elves
* Take the Lost Sapphire of the Elves to Laenne in the town of Eirulan

Talk to Laenne in the room above the pet shop in Eirulan. When you reach 
level 2 of the Elven Shrine, find the button on the west wall to open a 
secret room. Put a green cube in the green socket and go down one level.

Find the button on the wall to open a side room. Put a yellow cube in the 
yellow socket. Pick up a second yellow cube and two red cubes. Go down a 

Find the button in the wall to open a side room. Put a red cube in the red 
socket and pick up two purple cubes. Put a purple cube in the purple socket. 
Another secret room opens. Put a red, purple and yellow cube in the 
appropriate sockets and ride the lift up to the Lost Sapphire of the Elves. 
Return it to Laenne for your reward.

#5: The Kithraya Hive
* Intended level: 13
* Destroy the Kithraya hive queen

Go to the Eirulan Falls and enter Fenella's house. Go out the back door, down 
the elevator, follow the path and up the second elevator. Enter Tamari's 
house and talk to her to get the quest. When you near the end of the Lower 
Kithraya Caverns, take the south fork in the path to find the hive queen. 
When you reach the Azunite Desert camp, there will be a teleporter you can 
use to return to Eirulan and give Tamari the queen's head.

#6: The Hak'u
* Intended level: 7
* Find the hidden rear entrance to the Hak'u caves
* Rescue Hesla's daughter Tanzi
* Speak with Hesla in the Eirulan infirmary

During the search for the towers, you'll meet Morain, who will ask that you 
rescue her niece, Tanzi. Just past the third Morden tower, turn west to enter 
the hidden Hak'u caves and free Tanzi. After completing the Morden towers 
quest and getting your prisoner's collar removed by Taar, enter the infirmary 
to speak to Hesla, Morain and Tanzi to end the quest.

#7: The Hak'u, Part II
* Intended level: 10
* Find Hrawn the Hak'u
* Kill the Hak'u leader who stands against your allies
* Return to Hesla in the Eirulan infirmary

This quest is added when the previous Hak'u quest ends. Immediately after 
completing Chapter 5, leave the Dryad camp by the west path. Near the 
incantation shrine is a small cave where you can find Hrawn. Talk to him, 
then head back to the Dryad camp and take the east path to the Eastern 
Greilyn Jungle teleporter.

Teleport to the Western Greilyn Jungle and go due west to find the house with 
the Hak'u usurper. Knock on the door to be allowed in, then kill the usurper. 
Teleport back to the Eastern Jungle and go back to Hrawn and his father in 
their cave. Receive your reward, then teleport back to Eirulan and go see 
Hesla, Morain and Tanzi in the infirmary.

#8: Dire Wolf
* Intended level: 10
* Speak to Rokhar the nature mage in the town of Eirulan
* Go to Rokhar's Rift Site
* Kill all the nawl beasts that come through the rift
* Remind Rokhar to send the dire wolf back to pet seller Neda in the
  Eirulan pet shop
* Return to pet seller Neda in the Eirulan pet shop

In the beginning of Chapter 5, talk to the pet merchant about more powerful 
pets. Then talk to Rokhar in the great hall. Fight through the Southern 
Greilyn Jungle until you pass Razka's Ruins. Turn north, cross the river and 
fight through the caves. Enter Rokhar's Rift Site and talk to Rokhar. Fight 
off the nawl beasts, then talk to Rokhar again. Return to Eirulan and talk to 
the pet merchant. You can now buy a dire wolf for a pet.

#9: Taar's Investigation
* Intended level: 10
* Confirm or deny the existence of the Hak'u Ceremonial Blade
* Investigate the rumors of the Hak'u beast
* Slay the garganturax
* Take proof of the beast's death to Arianne in Eirulan

With Taar in your party and selected as the active character, talk to Arianne, 
who lives in the house next to the great hall. Teleport to the Northern 
Greilyn Jungle and head for the Hak'u ritual camp that is located north west 
of the teleporter. Get the Hak'u Ceremonial Blade from the camp. Return to 
Eirulan and leave through the South Gate. When the path turns east, go south 
and find the cave of the garganturax. Equip the Hak'u Ceremonial Blade and 
kill the beast, then return with its head to Arianne.

#10: Feldwyr the Blacksmith
* Intended level: 12
* Find Feldwyr's anvil
* Find Feldwyr's mithril ore
* Return the anvil and mithril ore to Feldwyr
* Find Feldwyr's hammer
* Return Feldwyr's hammer to Feldwyr
* Speak to blacksmith apprentice Fyrndolf in the town of Aman'lu

When you reach the far eastern portion of the Eastern Greilyn Jungle, where 
the path turns south over a bridge, there are ruins to the north. Clear them 
out to find Feldwyr and talk to him. Feldwyr will open a door to the east 
that leads down into the depths of the ruins.

At the bottom of the stairs, the north path leads to a series of rooms laid 
out in a rectangle. The rooms are filled with level 14 Hak'u. The room along 
the southern edge of the rectangle has the level 16 mini-boss who is carrying 
Feldwyr's anvil. In the room along the eastern edge of the rectangle, search 
for a lever that opens a secret entrance into the center of the rectangle and 
collect the treasure.

From the fork in the path, the south rooms are filled with level 22 creatures, 
and Feldwyr's mithril ore is guarded by a level 24 mini-boss. Don't attempt 
this area until you are the appropriate level (at least 20). Once you have 
both the anvil and mithril ore, going up the stairs to see Feldwyr results in 
a cutscene in which his hammer is stolen.

Follow the newly opened path north of Feldwyr's room and kill more level 22 
creatures and another level 24 mini-boss. Return to Feldwyr with his hammer 
and he rewards you with a fantastic weapon.

Which will take a few days to make. When you finally reach Aman'lu at the 
beginning of Act II, you can search out the blacksmith and speak to his 
apprentice, who happens to be Feldwyr's brother, Fyrndolf. He'll give you the 

#11: A Family Heirloom
* Intended level: 14
* Enter the crypt described by Master Thestrin
* Solve the Guardian of the Crypt's riddle

While collecting the Stelae of the Azunites, you'll pass a tower between the 
Guardian of Blindness and Guardian of Death. Enter the tower and take the 
elevator down to talk to Master Thestrin and receive the quest. The crypt he 
speaks of is southeast of the Azunite Desert camp. Enter it and talk to the 
statue (do not open the side doors unless you are at least level 26 or 

If you answer the statue's question incorrectly, it will spawn some level 16 
monsters, so you can farm a little XP this way. To answer the Guardian's 
question correctly, choose conversation options 3, 3, 1 and 1. The Heirloom 
Sword that is revealed is guarded by level 28 creatures, so if you're low 
level, run in, grab the sword and run away.

Return with the sword to Thestrin and he'll reluctantly give you a couple of 
chants. You don't want to use the first chant he gives you. You can also just 
keep the sword, in which case you get no useable reward and the sword itself 
isn't all that great.

#12: The Imprisoned Half-Giant
* Intended level: 19
* Talk to the soldiers about releasing Sartan once Windstone Fortress is safe
* Talk to the newly freed Sartan

When entering Windstone Fortress, you'll find Sartan in a pit. Talk to him. 
After you've activated your Azunite Artifact and blown a hole in the north 
wall, talk to Soldier Orayne and get Sartan released. Then talk to Sartan 

#13: The Missing Squadron
* Intended level: 18
* Find Private Nolan
* Find Private Banos
* Find Private Caiden
* Speak to Squadron Leader Taarth

Private Banos is in a room along the south wall of the first hallway in the 
Eastern Windstone Gatehouse. Private Nolan is in the Windstone Barracks, 
which are directly west of the teleporter. Private Caiden is in the southwest 
corner of the Western Gatehouse. After talking to each of them, talk to 
Squadron Leader Taarth, who is standing near the pit where Sartan is held 

#14: Secrets of Xeria's Temple
* Intended level: 19
* Enter the Temple of Xeria and place the Stone of Life within its socket
* Finish exploring the Temple of Xeria
* Return to the grizzled bar patron in the Eirulan tavern

Talk to the grizzled bar patron at the Eirulan inn to receive this quest. 
Keep choosing conversation option #1 to get him to spill the whole story. 
When you finally get to Xeria's Temple (Act I, Chapter 10), you'll find a 
room with two sockets: green and yellow.

Pick up three green stones from the southeast corner of the room and place 
one in the green socket. This opens a door on the west wall. Go in there and 
get three yellow stones. Place one on the yellow socket in the pit.

A door on the south wall opens. Enter and place a yellow and a green stone. 
Two more doors open up. Go one of those rooms and collect three red stones. 
Then enter the other newly opened room and place one of your red stones in 
the socket with one red symbol, and then a second red stone in the socket 
with two red symbols. Grab three purple cubes from the one side room and 
place one in the purple socket in the other side room.

This opens another side room with another purple socket. Place your stone and 
then you're back in the room with all four color sockets. Place a stone in 
each. Collect your booty, including the Chant of Scholars. Return to the old 
man to collect your reward.


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