Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

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This is a rundown of each quest, by Act, and how to complete it. Any 
information not related to a specific quest will not be included. If you are 
having trouble with combat, finding hidden areas or deciding what to do next, 
see Section 3: Chapter Walkthrough. Quests are listed in the following order: 
first all primary (chapter) quests from each act are listed, then all 
secondary quests are listed in the order in which they appear in your journal.

[4.1] Act I: Primary Quests

Chapter 1: The Siege of Greilyn Beach
* Get your orders from Morden Lieutenant Jerind
* Destroy the training dummy using a melee weapon
* Destroy the training dummy using a ranged weapon
* Destroy the training dummy using a Nature Magic or a Combat Magic spell
* Get your orders from Morden Lieutenant Kargack
* Destroy the bracken shell
* Make your way to the front lines
* Reinforce the troops on the other side of the tunnel

Follow your orders to complete the primary tasks in this quest.

Chapter 2: Prisoner of War
* Go to the merchant shops and ask for the basket of sharpening stones
* Bring the sharpening stones to the Dryad outpost

Talk to the guard outside your cell to initiate the quest. Go to the 
merchant's area of Eirulan and speak to Telinu to get the sharpening stones. 
Leave by the North Gate and follow the path northeast to the Dryad outpost. 
Kill the Morden and free the Dryad prisoners to complete the quest.

Chapter 3: The Morden Towers
* Find the first Morden tower.
* Burn down the first Morden tower.
* Find and burn down the second Morden tower.
* Find and burn down the third Morden tower.
* Find and burn down the fourth Morden tower.
* Return to Warden Celia in the Eirulan prisoner's terrace.
* Speak with Taar in the Eirulan great hall.

From the Dryad outpost, follow the path as it continues north, then turns 
west, then south, finding each tower along the way. Once you defeat the 
Morden around a tower, right-click the nearby cage to break it, then left-
click the wreckage to produce a cage fragment. Pick up the fragment, equip it, 
then left-click the nearby campfire and then left-click the tower to blow it 
up. After all four towers are destroyed, return to Eirulan and speak to 
Warden Celia in the jail area. Then go to the great hall and speak to Taar.

Chapter 4: The Plague
* Find the ancient Elven shrine.
* Locate the Elven fountain.
* Fill the empty vial with water from the Elven fountain.
* Report back to Taar in the Eirulan great hall.

After finishing the Morden towers quest, head back to the Western Greilyn 
Jungle and continue following the path until you reach the shrine. Invade the 
shrine, following the main path, until you reach the fountain on level 2. 
Left-click the fountain to fill your empty vial with water, then use the 
teleporter in the east room to return to Eirulan. Report to Taar in the great 
hall to finish the quest.

Chapter 5: The Dryad Exile Colony
* Find the Dryad Exile Colony
* Save the old man

From the South Gate of Eirulan, follow the main path, killing monsters as you 
go. You will eventually reach the Dryad Exile Colony, where plagued Dryads 
are beating up on an old man. Due to a glitch in the game, don't lay into the 
Dryads until they've taken a few hits on the old man. Once you kill the 
Dryads and talk to the old man, the chapter ends.

Chapter 6: Leaving Greilyn Isle
* Locate the Kithraya Caverns
* Look for survivors from Vix's squad
* Investigate Eastern Greilyn Beach
* Destroy the shard
* Use the portal to leave Greilyn Isle
* Talk to Captain Suzor

From the Dryad Exile Colony, take the east path and continue following it 
until you reach the Kithraya Caverns. You'll run into Vix along the way; open 
up a party slot before you talk to him. Slaughter your way through the upper 
and lower Kithraya Caverns until you reach Eastern Greilyn Beach. Kill the 
wraiths and destroy the shard before continuing down to the beach. Talk to 
the Azunite Scholar to open the portal, then use the portal to get to the 
Azunite Desert. Talk to Captain Suzor nearby to start the next chapter.

Chapter 7: Secret of the Azunite Desert
* Find the Stela of Blindness
* Find the Stela of Life
* Find the Stela of Death
* Find the Stela of Sight
* Place the four stelae and learn the location of the Lost Vault of the

From the Azunite Desert camp, take the northeast passage down to the first 
Guardian and get the Stela of Blindness. Head west to get the Stela of Life. 
Return to the location of the first Guardian and go north and up to a bridge. 
Get the Stela of Death from the Guardian on the bridge.

Head north until you see an archway in front of you, then go down stairs to 
the left to retrieve the Stela of Sight. Go through the archway and take the 
east path to find the Ancient Azunite Shrine. Follow the halls of the shrine 
until you reach an elevator.

Take the elevator down to another elevator and then down to the Inner Chamber. 
Place the four stelae in the appropriate sockets to collect the Map of the 
Lost Vault of the Azunites and a silver mirror. A door to the west will open.

Chapter 8: The Lost Azunite Artifact
* Find the Lost Vault of the Azunites
* Retrieve the Azunite Weapon
* Talk to the Elven spirit in the Lost Vault of the Azunites

Leave the Ancient Azunite Shrine and exit into the Valley of the Azunites. 
Follow the Valley north and through a cavern. Cross the bridge over the small 
canyon in the Azunite Desert and enter another Azunite Cavern. Fight your way 
through to a light puzzle.

The statue in the southeast is missing its mirror, you can use the silver one 
you got from the shrine. Starting with the mirrorless statue, turn the 
statues in the numerical order listed below so the light is shining in the 
pattern shown:

   6---------------------7  3-----------------2
   |                     |  |                 |
   |                     |  |                 |
   |                     8-----------9        |
   |                        |                 |
   |                        |                 |
   5------------------------4                 1

Go down the revealed stairs to the Lost Vault of the Azunites and collect the 
artifact. Talk to the Elven spirit to complete the quest.

Chapter 9: Windstone Fortress
* Begin the journey to Windstone Fortress by speaking to the
  Azunite Ancestor
* Take the Azunite Artifact to Windstone Fortress
* Find the person in command
* Enter the Windstone Fortress Outer Vault
* Activate the Azunite Artifact
* Enter the Temple of Xeria

After speaking to the Elven Spirit in the Lost Vault, climb the stairs back 
to the light-puzzle cave and speak to the Spirit again. Follow the new path 
to the Western Cliffs of Azunai. Follow the long and winding road until you 
reach Windstone Fortress. Head north until you get to the main entrance, 
which is locked.

Go east, through the gatehouse, and follow it around to enter Windstone 
Fortress proper. Go north and talk to Captain Dathry. Take the east hall near 
the teleporter to enter the Outer Vault.

Place a yellow stone in the yellow socket, then two green stones in the two 
green sockets. Kill Lieutenant Namyek for the Inner Vault key, then place two 
red stones in the red sockets to open the door leading to the Inner Vault.

Enter the Inner Vault and click the blue flame to activate your Azunite 
Artifact. Return to Captain Dathry, then follow him north and kill all the 
bugs. Enter Xeria's Temple.

Chapter 10: The Temple of Xeria
* Clear out the Temple of Xeria
* Place the Azunite Artifact on the Azunite statue
* Find the shard
* Destroy the giant trilisk in the temple courtyard
* Destroy the shard
* Go through the portal to the town of Aman'lu

Follow the path through the bugs until you reach a room with a pit and two 
sockets. Open the doors on the north wall and kill all the zombies in the 
main room and the side rooms. Once all the zombies are re-dead, click the 
glowing statue to destroy all the zombies in the Fortress.

Go through to the next room and take the east door to find the teleporter. 
Head north from the teleporter to enter the Temple Courtyard. Defeat the big 
snake by killing the middle head, Vitalus, first. Destroy the shard, talk to 
Captain Dathry and enter the portal to Act II.


Quest Walkthrough