Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[3.27] Chapter 9: The Final Ascent

Primary Tasks:
* Locate the Temple of Valdis
* Destroy Valdis
* Go through the portal

But wait! First you have to battle through another horde of minions. At this 
point, you're probably wondering, "What's the point?" But, persevere, the end 
is near.

But not that near. You've got a lot of stairs to climb, and every inch is 
contested--many times by groups of mini-bosses. If you've been following this 
guide and doing every sidequest, you're probably running four to five levels 
above everything you encounter, so this is mostly tedious.

On the other hand, if you're hovering around level 40, you're in for a long 
night. You would be better served, before attempting this ascent, going back 
to town and finding some good respawn areas to gain a few levels. Make sure 
you've wrapped up all the secondary quests. Do whatever needs be done to get 
yourself a few more levels and some additional gear.

You'll need it.

**NOTE** It cannot be stressed enough that if you quit or die here, you have 
to make this ascent again and *all* the mobs respawn.

It ain't pretty. Don't die and don't quit.

When you finally reach the Temple of Valdis, it is remarkably (and 
comfortingly clear). Open a town portal and hie thee back to Kalrathia for a 
refit. Make sure you have rez scrolls for everybody. Lots of potions. Etc.

Continue into the temple until you meet Valdis. Don't try to attack him, he's 
invulnerable. The only way to hurt him is to lure him in front of one of the 
Eyes of Zaramoth placed on the edges of the room, then beat on the eye to 
open it (and they don't have great range). Conversely, Valdis can kill you 
quite easily. No matter how well you've outfitted your party, one sword combo 
from Valdis and they all turn into grave markers.

The best way to handle Valdis is to get beyond an Eye in a straight line from 
Valdis, so that he is forced to walk directly past the Eye you're near. Time 
it so your ranger starts attacking the Eye when Valdis is about three to four 
steps away (or two or five, depending on the damage your ranger can do). If 
you time it right, Valdis will get zapped before he even gets close enough to 
you to start swinging.

For example:



             X - start shooting the Eye when Valdis is here



It will take patience and practice, but once perfected, you can take Valdis 
out pretty easily. You have to hit him three times to advance to the next 
stage of the fight. After the first hit, Valids summons a horde of Qatall 
Minions. Take them out while staying away from Valdis, then re-commence the 
luring/zapping project.

After the third hit, you get the Fantasy RPG Plot Twists for Idiots cutscene 
and the fight against Valdis takes on a more traditional flavor. Valdis is 
now, essentially, just another boss character. He's got 90,000 health and he 
can regenerate, so you don't want to leave him alone for a long time.

Don't worry about falling into the lava, if your characters are reasonably 
well-equipped, you won't get hurt (much). Just don't go swimming in it. Lay 
into Valdis with everything you've got.

Valdis has four main attacks:
1) A shockwave that will throw your characters back. Not a huge problem, even 
if you fall in the lava. However, if your party is melee-heavy, it will push 
the fighters off Valdis for a few seconds, during which he can regenerate. 
Don't worry about the shockwave and just keep at him

2) He will bring rocks crashing down. This is (or should be) a non-issue. A 
few rocks shouldn't hurt you, but, if they're giving you fits, just watch for 
the enlarging shadows and run away.

3) A gigantic fireball. This one's dangerous. Fortunately, Valdis starts to 
glow yellow before releasing it, and he won't change his orientation once he 
starts the spell. So, as soon as Valdis begins to glow yellow, run behind him 
and attack his back while he blasts empty air with a pretty fireball.

4) More a defensive maneuver than an attack, Valdis will clone himself, 
giving himself time to regenerate while you attack a clone. However, the 
clones don't react to attacks--they don't physically react and they don't 
make any noise. So if you hit a Valdis and it doesn't do anything, go attack 
another one.

Once you take off one-third of his health, he summons a horde of Qatall 
Minions. By this point, Qatall Minions should be little more trouble than 
flies. Don't worry about them and concentrate on Valdis.

When Valdis reaches 0 health, he revives and summons a shield around himself. 
(So, why didn't he do this earlier?) You can't penetrate the shield, but the 
great big Eye of Zaramoth that was just revealed, can. This one's easy 
because Valdis doesn't have his sword. Stand in front of the eye, wait for 
Valdis to get close, then whack it. Brutal Strike or Take Aim (or some other 
high-damage, single strike power) works very well.

After the cutscenes you can return to Kalrathia and finish up whatever you've 
left hanging. This would be a good time to do the Mysterious Mystery Quest 
(see section 4.7). You can also arrange your companions and equipment for 
playing at the next difficulty level.



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