Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[3.20] Chapter 2: The Morden Chief

Primary Tasks:
* Enter the Morden city of Darthrul
* Speak to the Morden Chief
* Defeat the Morden Chief
* Bring the head of the Morden Chief back to Lord Kalrathia

Secondary Quests:
* Mythrilhorn
* Lost Jewels of Soranith
* Lelani's Sorrow
* The Kalrathian Nexus
* Spirits of Aranna
* Sartan's Suspicion
* Amren's Vision
* The Lore of Aranna
* The Mage's Apprentice
* Finala's Contempt
* The Morden Riders

Secondary questing time again. Go up to the North Wall (follow the plank past 
Telgrey's house) and speak to Nalus. He'll give you harpy feathers in 
exchange for your Agallan relic. Go to the tavern and talk to Kevarre, who 
will give you Soranith's Amulet to complete your set.

Teleport to Aman'lu. Go see the pet seller, who will now sell you a 
mythrilhorn, if you so desire. In the extreme north of Aman'lu, find the 
fletcher Ithir'renne and give her the harpy feathers in exchange for an 
Aman'lu orchid. That ought to cheer Lelani up!

Teleport back to Eirulan, head for Lelani's house next to the pet shop and 
give her the orchid. Lelani's trading scam is finally finished and you get a 
rather large pile of loot. It makes one wonder, if Lelani has that much money, 
why couldn't she at least rent herself a little happiness?

Now your only holdovers from earlier acts are Amren's Vision, Finala's 
Contempt, Spirits of Aranna and the Mark of the Assassin. You'll be taking 
care of the first of those pretty soon. Return to Kalrathia and leave through 
the East Gate.

You'll soon come to a chasm where there are three paths to choose. South 
leads to a dead end, but there's a hidden treasure chest. Look for the lever 
sticking up out of a rock. North is the Kalrathian Nexus. Enter the cavern 
and descend to the center. Equip the Soul Staff and beat on the big, blocky 
seal until it's removed.

Go ahead and run back to town and talk to Nora. She'll give you the Soulstaff 
of the Nexus, which is a good staff for nature mages. Head back through the 
Eastern Plain of Tears, aiming, this time, for the teleporter. As you pass 
the chasm, enter the square tower to pick up the Greater Chant of Mage Health.

Just past the teleporter is Spirit of Aranna #13, the incantation shrine is 
further along the path. Continuing past the ghost, if you keep on due east 
rather than turn north toward the shrine, you'll enter A Mysterious Cavern.

This is a step in Sartan's personal quest, so add him to your party before 
you go any further. Enter the cavern and loot the treasure rooms north and 
south. Knock on the east door and Sartan and Osric have a little sword-to-
heart chat.

If Half-giants want to change the perception they are stupid oafs, they've 
got to stop acting like stupid oafs. So, Sartan is now tasked with freeing 
some prisoners, which will take place later in this chapter. Back to the main 

West of the incantation shrine is a square tower with the Greater Chant of 
Ranger Health. As you continue north, you'll enter the Ruins of Okaym. As you 
do, another square tower yields the Greater Chant of Fighter Health.

Just north of this tower is the fourth mushroom circle, leading to the Shrine 
of Blindness. Take Amren down, pick up the Lore book: Vol. 20, The Path of 
Blindness. If you've activated the other shrines already, activating this one 
opens a portal in the center.

Go through the portal to another Mysterious Shrine with a big treasure chest. 
Amren opens it to reveal Virtuous Rebellion--a powerful longbow that will 
look nice on your primary ranger. And, of course, lots of other loot. Step 
back through the portal to the Shrine of Blindness and return to the surface.

You now have the last of the Lore of Aranna books, so if you've been 
collecting them diligently, you can complete this quest. The next time you 
are in town, pay a visit to Telgrey. Be sure to talk to him again after 
completing the quest. He won't dole out your true reward the first time you 
talk with him. Part of the reward is the Mysterious Book from the Mysterious 
Mystery Quest (section 4.7).

From Amren's mushroom circle, work your way east toward the next teleporter. 
As the path turns north, you'll pass an entrance to A Large Abandoned Shelter. 
This is a puzzle/treasure room with plenty of loot and XP, but no special 
quest significance.

Take the elevator down and go through either door into the next room. Grab a 
green life stone (familiar?) and go through the door and down the stairs into 
the main "puzzle" room, though what needs be done is not that puzzling. There 
are four lit pillars and four unlit pillars. Each unlit pillar has one of the 
four Azunite symbols on it.

So, you know what to do. Grab one of each color stone and put it on the 
proper pillar. You already have the green stone so you can light the green 
tree column. All you have to do is find the other three color stones.

Take the door on the north side of the light room and follow the passages 
around until you find a golden chalice. Picking up the chalice opens two 
secret doors to the east, allowing you to enter a set of hidden passages. 
Follow these around until you find the purple death stones and pick one up.

This will open a door back into the light room, so place your purple stone on 
the purple tree column and head through the south door. You'll quickly come 
to some caverns that run east and west. Go east first, which soon dead-ends, 
but contains a pile of yellow sight stones.

Go back west and follow the caverns to some more man-made rooms and follow 
these until you find the red blindness stones. Picking one up opens a 
shortcut back into the room of light.

Place your stones and a secret door opens to the main treasure room to the 
east. Collect your reward, which includes the Greater Chants of Mage and 
Ranger Power.

Back to the surface, there's a tower just ahead guarded by a nature mage 
sanctuary door and the Ruins of Okaym teleporter is just to the west of the 
tower. After the teleporter, the path turns north, but keep going west and 
climb the hill to find the entrance to the Morden Arsenal that is part of 
Sartan's quest.

With Sartan in your party, enter the Arsenal. From the first room, take the 
north door for a little treasure, including a secret room. Then take the 
south door and go west to a larger room. The south door here leads to an 
empty jail cell guarded by a horde of Morden.

The main path lies west, to a large jail room. Note the spiked, metal 
canisters in front of the cells. Hit them with a ranged weapon or spell to 
blow them up and blow open the doors of the cells. Remember this technique, 
you will use it again.

Search the cells for a large treasure chest (Sartan has to open it). Teleport 
to the Eastern Plain of Tears and run to the Mysterious Cavern. Talk to 
Orayne to close Sartan's quest. Then teleport back to the Ruins of Okaym.

Follow the path north to the main gate of Darthrul. Right before you reach 
the bridge to the gate, turn left (west) and go around the guard tower and 
down into the dry canal. Follow the canal west and then up some stairs and 
then down into Some Ancient Ruins.

Oh boy! Another light puzzle!

The statue on the north side of the room is missing its mirror; the golden 
one Mage Boden gave you fits quite nicely and starts the beam of light. There 
are two doors, to the north and west, and you must shine the light on each to 
open it. There are 17 statues in all, scattered about the room.

The north door is simple, direct the light south one statue, west one statue, 
south one statue, east one statue and then north to unlock the door.

                    |  1
                    |  |
         |          |
         |          |
         |          |
         |          |
         |          |
         |          |

The west door is a bit more complicated.

Direct the light all the way to the south end of the room, to the fourth 
statue. **NOTE** You will have to turn statues out of the way to let the 
light pass. Send the light east one statue, then north one statue, then west 
three statues. Now direct the beam south one statue, east two statues, south 
one statue then west and move all the intervening statues out of the way 
until the light hits the west door.

               X         |X
            |            |   |
                         |X  |              |
                         |   |              |
                         |   |              |
            X  X        X|   |           X
                         |   |
                         |   |

X = Statues that must be turned out of the way to let the light beam pass.

Beyond the west door is a treasure room. Behind the north door is Mage 
Boden's apprentice, Darek. Turns out Boden is a nasty guy.

Gee, what a surprise.

Grab the Greater Chant of Casting and Greater Chant of Fighter Power and head 
back to the main gate into Darthrul. Talk to the gate guard to be allowed 

You didn't really think it was going to be that easy, did you?

Well, you've got a whole city to depopulate, might as well get started. The 
first Morden you'll meet in the city is the Patrol Leader from back in 
Kalrathia. He already has a bone to pick with you, so give him what he 
deserves. He'll drop a Key to the District of the Sword.

Ah! So that's how it works. There are five districts: Sword, Crossbow, Lance, 
Shield and Chief. You'll have to slaughter your way through each one to get 
the key to the next. You can also continue Finala's Contempt while in 
Darthrul, and receive and complete The Morden Riders side quest.

Lots to do. Lots to do.

In the main square you'll see a ghost, but you can't talk to it until you 
unlock the District of the Crossbow and its incantation shrine. The main 
square also has the city's teleporter, so take a refit break in Aman'lu 
before you begin depopulating Darthrul. While back in town, go ahead and 
confront Boden and kill him, then speak to Darek who mysteriously appears to 
wrap up The Mage's Apprentice quest.

Back in Darthrul, with Finala in your party, head east from the main square 
toward the white star on your map. Finala will find a secret door that leads 
to the Durvla hatchery. Clear the joint. When you reach the end, there are 
three (count 'em, 3) mini-bosses. In the corner is a cage with a treasure 
chest. Note the spiked ball--you have to blow the cage open.

Let Finala loot the chest to earn a Morden Wrench, which, she supposes, could 
be used to fix an elevator somewhere. You won't find that elevator in 
Darthrul, so you can send Finala back to the Inn now if she isn't normally a 
member of your party.

You have the key to the District of the Sword, which is located in the 
northeast quadrant of the city. Enter and kill the City Lieutenant for the 
key to the District of the Crossbow.

That district is the southwest quadrant. Once again, enter and kill the City 
Lieutenant, who drops the key to the District of the Lance. Note the supply 
vault with a door you cannot open. Use the incantation shrine to talk to the 
ghost in the town square; this is Spirit of Aranna #16.

The District of the Lance is in the northwest and the City Lieutenant drops 
the key to the District of the Chief. Aha! What about the District of the 
Shield? Search the small rooms along the north side of the district for a 
hidden switch that lowers you to a cellar. There's another Lieutenant down 
here with the key to the District of the Shield.

The District of the Shield is to the southeast. Enter it and clear it out. 
There's a room along the west side with a mimic, so be careful opening chests. 
Along the south side of the district is a pit. Look for a hidden switch on 
the west wall that lowers an elevator and allows you entrance to the eastern 
end of the dry canal.

Head east and climb up to an area outside the city walls. Fight your way to 
the eastern end of this area and talk to the Morden riders Nordax and Nellioc. 
This is, probably, the most humorous conversation in the entire game. Play 
along with these guys. Finally, you will discover they are deserters in need 
of supplies. Agree to help them to open the Morden Riders quest.

Head back to the city and raid the supply vaults in the Districts of the 
Crossbow, Lance and Shield. This gives you the supplies you need for the 
Riders, so return to them. Rather than give you a reward directly, their pet 
Klask bashes open the east wall, giving you access to an Ancient Vault. Get 
your reward from there; it includes the Greater Chant of Fortification.

Return to Darthrul and enter the District of the Chief to the north. Fight 
your way to the Chief, speak to him, then kill him. Return to Kalrathia and 
talk to Lord Kalrathia to start Chapter 3.


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