Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[3.18] Chapter 8: The Siege of Snowbrook Haven, Part II

Primary Tasks:
* Destroy the brall on top of the Snowbrook Haven inner keep
* Meet the Commander at the North Gate
* Destroy the Morden enemies that have broken through the North Gate
* Speak to the Commander at the North Gate
* Defeat the dragon
* Report to the Commander
* Retrieve the Aegis of Blindness
* Finish off the dragon
* Escape from Snowbrook Haven
* Travel to the town of Kalrathia and speak with the town lord there

Secondary Quests:
* None

Go down and around behind the dining hall to find the door leading into the 
eastern keep. What follows is from the Dungeon Crawls for Dummies instruction 
manual. Just keep going until you reach the upper ramparts of the keep and 
destroy the monsters hurling rocks. Then take the elevator down to see the 

A horde of Morden will break through the gates and you must beat them off. 
Speak to the Commander again. Oh look! A humongous dragon! The Act II boss 
fight has finally arrived.

Send your party back up the elevator to the inner keep. There's a circular 
platform to the south with a ballista. The only way to kill the dragon is to 
hit it with the ballista. Take your best-armored, highest health character 
and use Wait mode to send him/her solo to the ballista.

You can only hit Talon (the dragon) with the ballista. And you can only do 
this when he's perched atop the castle walls. There are five positions in 
which he lands, like so:


       2                4

1                                5

You can rotate the ballista (B) left and right using the cranks to either 
side of the device. Click the ballista itself to fire. Each time you hit 
Talon, he'll jump into the air and fire-bomb the platform for a bit.

While he's in the air, rotate the ballista to the #3 spot, so you can quickly 
reposition it to any landing spot when Talon alights once more. Once you've 
hit Talon a couple of times, the Morden will start catapulting Durvla up to 
the battlements.

Switch to the Mirror party order and press R to call your party to you to 
help deal with the Durvla; but, don't miss a chance to take a pot shot at the 
dragon while you're at it.

It takes about 8 hits to kill the dragon, so this fight mostly takes a lot of 
patience. Once it's over, head back to the Commander and speak to her.

Ah, well, so much for Snowbrook Haven. Head up the east side of the ramparts 
to the Reliquary door, which you can now unlock with the Commander's key. 
Grab the Aegis of Blindness. Before making good on your escape, remember 
there is always time for some constructive looting. Exit to the northeast.

Well, now, you didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you?

This time, Talon's a lot tougher. He may have less than a third of his health, 
but you're going to have to chop that off yourself, without a huge piece of 
medieval artillery to help. There's little room to avoid his fiery blasts, 
just don't stand in them when they hit. Keep your ranged characters moving 
side-to-side and keep hitting him with powers--especially lightning and ice 
based powers.

Once Talon is finally, actually dead, speak to that blasted Azunite Scholar 
who keeps popping up after you could have used his help. Take the southeast 
door to the teleporter room. Grab the Greater Chants of Dexterity, 
Intelligence and Strength before using the teleporter to travel to Kalrathia.

Looks like the Morden got here first, but, amazingly, they aren't hostile. 
Head across the plaza to town hall and talk with the kid who's been thrust 
into the leadership role.


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