Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[3.17] Chapter 7: The Siege of Snowbrook Haven

Primary Tasks:
* Enter Snowbrook Haven through the servant's quarters
* Find the throne room and acquire the display case key
* Locate the Snowbrook Haven Commander

Secondary Quests:
* Evangeline's Folly
* The Spirits of Aranna
* Arinth's Legendary Staff
* Arinth the Mad
* Lelani's Sorrow

The room Evangeline opens is full of enemies, but none that are particularly 
tough. Clear them out, then take the elevator up to a series of crypts. Fight 
your way through, looting as you go, until you exit into Snowbrook Valley. 
Quickly fight your way to the nearby teleporter and return to Aman'lu. Time 
for a side quest.

Add Princess Evangeline (Eva) to your party and equip her appropriately. 
Teleport to the Western End of Arinth's Ravine. Go west, south, west and 
north to reach a bridge. Before the bridge, turn left (west) and go along the 
edge of the gap to reach a small cave. You may remember the password-
protected door from Chapter 5.

This time you'll be able to get through and pick a fight with the Vai'kesh in 
the room and the room beyond, which contains the jailor, who is mini-boss 
level. After killing all the Vai'kesh, speak with Eva's soldier in the jail 

The next cavern in your quest is along the north side of Arinth's Ravine, so 
hoof it back the way you came and fight your way along the ravine to the 
large cavern on the north side. Enter the cave, find the door and repeat the 
process of killing the jailor and talking to the soldier.

The third, and final, cave is further along the ravine, so head east. When 
you get to the second bridge, instead of crossing, continue east to find the 
entrance to the cave. Enter, kill the jailor and talk to Jessic to end the 

Now, reform your party, refit everyone and teleport back to Snowbrook Valley. 
There's nothing much to see here except snow and a lot of monsters, until you 
get to the bridge. After crossing the bridge, turn south to enter a Frigid 
Cave, where you can pick up a rainbow trinket for Tywlis in Aman'lu. Go north 
from the bridge and ride the elevator up to the top of the tower to get the 
Chant of Magic Awareness.

To the east of the tower is a set of stairs leading down to an elevator that 
will take you to an Elven Reliquary. Use the incantation shrine to the west, 
then descend and talk to the spirit to get the Jeweled Shaft. Continue 
following the path.

When you reach the incantation shrine, you have to turn south and start 
climbing. You'll soon enter the Snowbrook Foothills. If you turn east once 
you get into the foothills, you can climb up and find the upper part of the 
Frigid Cave.

Take the elevator down and thoroughly search the rooms. There's the elevator 
to the lower half of the cave, which exits to the Valley. There are also two 
secret rooms, opened by switches on the walls. They should be easy to find.

To the west of the Frigid Cave is an entrance to the Snowbrook Grotto. The 
Grotto is a huge cavern filled with mobs and loot, but nothing particularly 
special now. You'll have to come back here during Act III, so skip it for now. 
Continue south into the foothills to reach the area teleporter.

Side quest time again. Return to Aman'lu and go see Eolanda to get Arinth's 
Legendary Staff put back together. If your combat mage doesn't have the Chaos 
Grips, the staff is pretty good. Make sure you have a combat mage of 
sufficient level to use Arinth's Staff, then teleport to Eirulan and on to 
the Lost Valley of the Azunites.

East, and just a bit north from the teleporter, you can find--if you search 
carefully--an elevator among some broken-down walls. Ride it down to Some 
Lose Elven Ruins.

The room in which you arrive has a single door on the north side. In the next 
room, search for a hidden switch on the wall opposite the door (north wall), 
to open a door to the south.

In the newly revealed room, there's another hidden switch on the wall near 
the door. This opens another room to the south. The hidden switch in this new 
room is also near the door. This opens a room to the east. Find the hidden 
switch in this room along the south wall.
   _|  |_
  |    A |
  |_    _|
   _|  |_
  |      |__
  |  S      |
  |       __|
   |    B|
   |     |____
   |          |
   |          |               ___
   |______2___|              |   |___
         |   C|______________|       |
         |            |              |
         |           3|             4|
         |____________|______D       |
                             |    ___|

  S) Start
  A) Switch opens door #1
  B) Switch opens door #2
  C) Switch opens door #3
  D) Switch opens door #4

You'll now be able to go down some stairs to the east, eventually arriving at 
an Elven Prison, where you find Arinth the Mad. Have your combat mage equip 
Arinth's Staff and use it to break the central pillar in Arinth's cell wall. 
Arinth will flee to the Temple of Istauru in the Northern Vai'lutra Forest.

Before pursuing Arinth, turn and look at the door going back to the stairs. 
You can click the lamp on the wall to the left and open a secret door halfway 
back up the stairs. Enter the room to get the Mysterious Bucket, part of the 
Mysterious Mystery Quest.

Summon a teleporter back to Eirulan, jump to Aman'lu and thence to the 
Elen'lu Isles. Enter the ruined temple and have it out with Arinth. You don't 
have to use his staff against him, he's vulnerable to normal attacks. He has 
a lot of health, but is only level 25, which, by this point in the game, 
should be cake for you.

In addition to some tasty loot, defeating Arinth gives all your characters 
two bonus skill points. That was worth the trouble, right? Rest and refit 
back in Aman'lu, then teleport back to the Snowbrook Foothills.

Head west, following the path. There's a square tower along the way, inside 
of which is the Chant of Ranged Skill. Eventually the path will turn north 
over a stone bridge and you'll reach Snowbrook Mountain. There's nothing 
really to do except fight your way over the mountain, through the Morden 
lines, until you reach the entrance to the Snowbrook Haven Servant's Quarters.

Fight through to the large room with the columns. At the north end of the 
room are two doors. The west door leads to an incantation shrine. Incant the 
Chant of the Dead and then go to the east door. Go up the stairs and through 
the south door. (The north door leads to the Cavern of Frost, to which you 
will return later.) Go in the east room to find Spirit of Aranna #8 and a 
Mysterious Chant.

Head west over the bridge and pick up the Lore book, Vol. 1: The Kings and 
Queens of the Northern Reaches. Continue west through the door and take the 
elevator down to the Living Quarters. Go through the door to the east and 
then either the north or south door to go down into the throne room.

Click the throne, take the display case key that is revealed, then fight off 
the rustguards that come to life around you. Head through the eastern door. 
Two rooms to the east you'll find a teleporter. South from the teleporter is 
an elevator. To the west of the elevator is a series of treasure rooms, one 
of which contains a mimic. Be sure to loot thoroughly before taking the up 

The elevator leads up to the Snowbrook Haven Courtyard. Before heading up to 
the ramparts, enter the dining hall next to the stairs. Soldier Kiernan 
inside has a lovely Morden Head on a Pike, which he will be willing to trade 
you for your Statuette of Xeria. Finally, you can make a little progress in 
Lelani's Sorrow.

Go up top and speak to the Commander to begin the next (and final) chapter of 
Act II.


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