Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[3.15] Chapter 5: The Vai'kesh and the Aegis of Death

Primary Tasks:
* Follow the Vai'kesh Prophet
* Continue following the Vai'kesh Prophet
* Follow the Vai'kesh Prophet along Arinth's Ravine
* Defeat the Vai'kesh Prophet and his followers
* Find the Aegis of Death
* Defeat the Knotted Shambler
* Claim the Aegis of Death
* Talk to the Azunite Scholar

Secondary Quests:
* A Family Heirloom, Part II
* A Dark Ohm
* Viperclaw

Clean up the Vai'kesh mess in the sanctuary, then start looting the place. 
There's a sanctuary door (nature mage level 22) on the south wall. On the 
east wall, find a button to open a secret door and collect the Chant of 
Fighter Power. Then find the button on the wall right next to the door to 
open another secret room that has a mimic.

Back in the main room, find another button along the east wall--this one on 
the steps behind a pillar. In the secret room revealed you can collect the 
Chant of Mage Power. Click the pedestal along the north wall of this room to 
open yet another secret room with some minor loot.

Finally, on the north wall is a sanctuary door (ranger level 22) that has a 
treasure chest and the Chant of Ranger Power. Now that the swag is safely 
stored in your pockets, follow the Prophet through the door in the center of 
the room.

Fight your way out of the sanctuary--look for Lore book: Vol. 2, The Dark 
Wizards on a table on one stairway--and emerge into the Vai'kesh Forest. 
You're now south of the gates you passed earlier, so turn north and open them 
before continuing on the path. You'll quickly reach the Vai'kesh Forest 
(North) teleporter and the entrance to a Large Vai'kesh Cavern.

Fight your way through the cavern until you reach the Vai'kesh Forest (South) 
teleporter. You can find one secret room in the cavern, along the north wall 
after the third large Vai'kesh fight. Search for the secret lever to the left 
of the door.

Now, if you kept the heirloom sword from Thestrin's quest in Act I, make sure 
it's in your Inventory. From the Forest (South) teleporter, go south to find 
a Small Vai'kesh Prison. Enter and speak to Athelas. There's a demon encased 
in a force field.

If you earlier gave Thestrin the heirloom sword, he'll use it to break the 
demon's prison, then go hide in the corner. If you kept the sword, equip it 
to any character and use it to break the prison. (You do not need to keep the 
sword equipped to fight the demon.) Once the demon is destroyed, Thestrin 
will flee. Speak to Athelas to get your final reward and conclude the quest.

Head north from the prison to find the Prophet. He'll run away (again), 
leaving some minions to die for his cause. Help them fulfill their destiny, 
then enter the cave from whence they came.

After defeating the Vai'kesh in the outer cave, open the door to witness a 
Vai'kesh ritual. Kill the Vai'kesh, then return to Lyssanore in Aman'lu and 
teach her the chant. You'll get the Chant of the Dead added to your Lore 
entries and you can now speak to all those uncommunicative spirits throughout 
the land.

Head after the Prophet. After crossing the second bridge, turn right (west) 
to find a Small Vai'kesh Cave and loot it. You can't get through the door 
here, so don't worry about it. Continue south after the path turns east, to 
find another cave with more loot. You should find an onyx fragment for 
Eumenidie in one of these caves. Next time you're in Aman'lu, talk to her to 
finish the quest and get the viperclaw reagent. On to the next teleporter, 
which is at the western end of Arinth's Ravine.

Pass through the ravine. Look for another Vai'kesh cavern along the north 
side of the ravine. There's another locked door you can't yet pass, but some 
nice loot on the outside of the door. After passing over a bridge, you'll 
find a frozen cavern to the south. This is part of Deru's Treasure Hunt, so 
donít bother with it unless she's in your party and you've finished the first 
part of the Hunt.

Shortly after the frozen cavern, you'll see the Prophet again...briefly. Kill 
his minions and follow after him over the bridge. (Going due east just leads 
to a cavern you can't enter.) You'll soon reach the Eastern Arinth's Ravine 
teleporter. From here there are two paths that lead to the same place--the 
final confrontation with the Prophet.

The Prophet calls out a horde of minions, and has a powerful attack of his 
own. Your best bet is to run back towards the teleporter and draw the minions 
after you; the Prophet won't follow. Once all the Vai'kesh are down, the 
Prophet is fairly easy.

Too easy.

He's not the boss fight for this chapter. After the Prophet is down, explore 
the cave to the north for some loot, then enter the eastern cave to face the 
Knotted Shambler. The Shambler regenerates health from the leaves produced by 
the Leaf Generators scattered around. Ignore the Shambler until you've 
destroyed the generators. There are about six generators and they only show 
themselves one at a time.

Once you are sure you've destroyed the generators, concentrate on the 
Shambler. Hopefully, you've got a combat mage with some fire spells, because 
it's quite vulnerable to those. Avoid its pounding, overhead attacks and keep 
at it until it's defeated. Then take the Aegis of Death and speak to the 
Azunite Scholar to begin the next chapter.


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