Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[3.13] Chapter 3: The Elen'lu Isles

Primary Tasks:
* Travel to the Elen'lu Isles
* Find the replace the prism's four small refractor crystals
* Find the prism's large refractor crystal and activate the prism
* Return to Aman'lu and speak with Finala

Secondary Quests:
* Viperclaw

Once Finala leaves, continue on the path, eventually entering the Northern 
Vai'lutra Forest. When you reach the incantation shrine, keep going northwest 
to find a damp cave, which has a lot of taclaks and a bit of loot. Due east 
of the cave is a ramp leading down into a cul-de-sac. Here you can find an 
elevator that leads to an Ancient Elven Reliquary. You'll return here later, 
when you can talk to ghosts.

Return to the main path, which heads south. When the path turns east, 
continue south to find a hollow tree. On the east inside wall is a button 
that will bring up a treasure chest. Continue east and you'll soon find a 
teleporter. Turn north into the swamp to find another hollow tree with some 
loot. Then proceed east, through the ruined temple to reach the Elen'lu Isles.

Now you get a new task. The taclak have stolen the refractor crystals that 
collect the diffuse light in the Isles and focus it on the main prism. You 
must find four crystals and replace them in the refractors and aim the 
refractors at the prism.


Some have been unable to complete this quest if they collected all four 
crystals first, before attempting to place any in the refractors. The 
solution is simple: place the crystals in the refractors as you are able.

On the first island, kill the taclak and collect the first crystal. Then go 
east by clicking the arch over the bridge to extend it. Watch out for taclak, 
who have the ability to jump from island to island.

At the next island, turn north, then go east, north and west. Find the 
elevator that leads to a flooded chamber and work your way through the rooms 
to another elevator. This brings you out on an island north of your starting 
point. There's a griffon feather on the ground for the Viperclaw quest.

Now go south, east, north, east and east again and kill the taclak for your 
second crystal. Go south three islands, then take the other north bridge (the 
one to the east) to find the first refractor. Click it to place a crystal, 
then click it again to turn it so it shines west toward the prism.

Go back south, then head west two islands to pick up your third crystal. Go 
north, then to the north end of the island to reach the second refractor. 
Turn it once to point east. Go back to the south end of the island and take 
the southeast bridge, then go east to the third refractor. Turn it three 
times to point north.

Backtrack past the second refractor and go north to pick up crystal #4. Then 
go north and then east to refractor #4. Turn it three times to point south.

Now you have to find the big crystal that goes in the prism. Go back to 
refractor #2 island and take the east bridge to the main island. Kill the 
mini-boss for the prism crystal. Put it in the top of the pyramid and watch 
the cutscene. Then kill the horde of taclak, including mini-boss, that 
surround you.

From the north end of pyramid island, you can open a westward bridge that's a 
shortcut back to the teleporter. Or just use a summon teleporter spell to get 
back to Aman'lu. Head to the south end of town and talk to Finala, who has 
fixed the bridge and wants to come with you. She's an accomplished combat 
mage, so take her along if you like.


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