Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[3.12] Chapter 2: Finala and the Broken Bridge

Primary Tasks:
* Find Finala, the town's engineer, in the hills north of Aman'lu
* Convince Finala to return to Aman'lu and repair the broken bridge

Secondary Quests:
* Viperclaw

Head to the north gate of Aman'lu and talk to the guard to open it. Follow 
the path up into the hills. When you reach the bridge over the swamp, search 
down in the swamp in the southernmost corners to find a jagged arrowhead for 
Eumenidie. There are no side areas, except some minor treasure in the 
basement of one of the houses. It's the house just east of the health shrine 
at the top of the first line of hills.

You will eventually reach Finala. You'll find it a simple matter to convince 
her to head back to Aman'lu to fix the broken bridge while you are tasked 
with going to the Elen'lu Isles.


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