Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

                                A  C  T    I I

[3.11] Chapter 1: The Town of Aman'lu

Primary Tasks:
* Speak with Celeb'hel the Elder in Alt'orn Hall in the town of Aman'lu

Secondary Quests:
* Mythrilhorn
* Mark of the Assassin
* Deru's Treasure Hunt
* Arinth's Legendary Staff
* Viperclaw
* Tywlis' Broken Staff
* Feldwyr the Blacksmith
* A Family Heirloom, Part II
* Aman'lu Arena
* Lothar's Innocence
* A Dark Ohm

All you need do to complete this chapter is head straight for the building in 
the center of town and talk to Celeb'hel. Takes about a minute. However, as 
you can tell from the Secondary Quests list, there's a lot of talking that 
can be done in Aman'lu.

So, before going to see the Elder, wander about town and talk to people. 
Here's the brief rundown:

* In the pet shot, talk to the pet seller and ask about special animals.
  He'll refer you to Khartos the Wise, who's hiding in a tavern some
  where. (No wonder they call him wise.) This opens the Mythrilhorn quest,
  which will eventually net you another pet choice.

* Just southwest of the pet shop, enter the abandoned house and note the
  bling-bling on the table. Pick up this intriguing stone and get killed...
  almost. After the near miss, talk to Danadel to launch the Mark of the
  Assassin quest.

* Southeast of the pet shop you can find Prospector Albain. Talk to him
  with Deru in your party to open Deru's Treasure Hunt.

* North of the prospector, along the east side of town, is Eolanda's house.
  Talk to her about Arinth to get a quest to find the pieces of
  Arinth's Legendary Staff. She'll also give you Lore book: Vol. 10, The
  Legend of Arinth the Mad. Vol. 11, The Dryads and their Customs is on
  her table and Vol. 14, Fables of Ancient Artifacts is on the floor.

* Directly behind Eolanda's house is a ranger named Eumenidie. Talk to
  her about reagents to get the Viperclaw quest. Reagents are random drops
  and you might even have one or two right now. Just keep an eye on your
  inventory, so you'll know when you've got the necessary items.

* Along the north side of town, just west of the incantation shrine, is
  Tywlis' house. Talk to her about her grandfather's staff to get her quest.
  The reagent she needs is a rainbow trinket. Check your pockets, you might
  already have one. You can also visit Tywlis' basement, but there's
  nothing you can do down there...yet.

* Near Tywlis' house is the house of a fletcher named Ithir'renne. She has
  an Aman'lu orchid, a well-known symbol of Aman'lu. Think that might make
  Lelani back in Eirulan happy? Yeah, but you've got a long way to go
  before you can trade Ithir'renne for her orchid.

* Also on the north side of town is the house of Drianjul, Drevin's sister.
  Talk to her to learn news of your family and receive a letter from Drevin.

* In the burnt-out blacksmith shop on the west side of town is Feldwyr's
  brother, Fyrndolf. Talk to him to get your special weapon and officially
  close that quest.

On to the inn, which is just full of people to talk to and things to do.

* Athelas is hanging out near the innkeeper. You may recognize his name from
  your talk with Thestrin. Regardless of whether or not you kept the
  heirloom sword, talk to Athelas to initiate the second part of this quest.

* Amren is hanging out at the bar; you can add him to your party if you're
  lacking a ranger. He's currently level 20 ranged character, with a bunch
  of unspent skill points waiting for you to specialize him.

* The barkeep, Drudwyn, has heard of you--so he thinks. Talk to him and deny
  everything he thinks you've done. He'll eventually cough up that there's a
  little challenge for adventurers down below his wine cellar. When you
  decide to go down there, you will officially open the Aman'lu Arena quest.

* On the second floor of the inn, pick up a Lore book: Vol. 13, Elandir's
  Life and Teachings. There's also a ghostly spirit up here on a balcony,
  note it for later.

* On the ground floor, find Roland and talk to him with Lothar and open
  Lothar's Innocence in your quest log.

* South of the inn is the mage shop. Lyssanore sells magic supplies and is
  also interested in communicating with spirits. Talk to her about that and
  get the quest, A Dark Ohm, to retrieve the necessary chant.

Well, that's it. You've made a circuit of the town and you're quest cup 
runneth over. Go to the central building and talk to Celeb'hel to begin the 
next chapter. Before leaving town hall, grab the Lore book: Vol. 5, Turmanar 
and its Aftermath, from the table.


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