Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[3.10] Chapter 10: The Temple of Xeria

Primary Tasks
* Clear out the Temple of Xeria
* Place the Azunite Artifact on the Azunite statue
* Find the shard
* Destroy the giant trilisk in the temple courtyard
* Destroy the shard
* Go through the portal to the town of Aman'lu

Secondary Quests:
* Feldwyr the Blacksmith
* A Family Heirloom
* The Secrets of Xeria's Temple

Fight more bugs until you get to a large room with a pit in the center. In 
the pit are two (rapidly becoming familiar) sockets: green and yellow. Pick 
up three green stones from the southeast corner of the room and place one in 
the green socket. This opens a door on the west wall. Go in there and get 
three yellow stones. Place one on the yellow socket in the pit.

A door on the south wall opens. Enter and place a yellow and a green stone. 
Two more doors open up. Go to one of those rooms and collect three red stones. 
Then enter the other newly opened room and place one of your red stones in 
the socket with one red symbol, and then a second red stone in the socket 
with two red symbols. Grab three purple cubes from the one side room and 
place one in the purple socket in the other side room.

This opens another side room with another purple socket. Place your stone and 
then you're back in the room with all four color sockets. Place a stone in 
each. Collect your booty, including the Chant of Scholars.

Oh, yeah! Main quest. Back to the pit room and open the north doors. Kill all 
the zombies, loot the side rooms, then click the big, glowing statue to blow 
all the zombies up. Enter the north room and loot it thoroughly, including 
two books: Vol. 8, The Death of Xeria; and, Vol. 9, The War of Legions.

In the southeast corner of the room you'll find a moveable statue on the 
stair landing. This leads to an elevator, which takes you to a little bit of 
loot. To the north, next to the incantation shrine, is another moveable 
statue that leads to the Cavern of Earth--but, there's nothing you can do 
there now.

Back in the large room, take the east door to find the teleporter. Now's a 
good time to wrap up a couple of quests. Teleport to the Eastern Greilyn 
Jungle and travel east until you reach Feldwyr's underground shelter. Head 
downstairs from Feldwyr's room.

If you haven't retrieved Feldwyr's anvil yet, head north and rampage through 
the Hak'u until you get the anvil from the level 16 mini-boss. Now go to the 
south set of rooms, which are guarded by a level 24 mini-boss and full of 
level 22 creatures (and another mini-boss with the mithril ore). You should 
now be able to take these monsters. Once you have both the anvil and mithril 
ore, going up the stairs to see Feldwyr results in a cutscene in which his 
hammer is stolen.

Follow the newly opened path north of Feldwyr's room and kill more level 22 
creatures and another level 24 mini-boss. Return to Feldwyr with his hammer 
and he rewards you with a fantastic weapon...Which will take a few days to 
make. When you finally reach Aman'lu at the beginning of Act II, you can 
search out the blacksmith and speak to his apprentice, who happens to be 
Feldwyr's brother, Fyrndolf. He'll give you the reward.

Teleport to the Azunite Desert and go southeast to find a Ruined Crypt. Talk 
to the statue and answer its riddle with Azunai, Xeria, Elandir and Zaramoth 
(3 - 3 - 1 - 1). You should be able to handle the level 28 and 30 enemies in 
the treasure room; but, your main objective is the glowing sword lying on the 

Grab the sword and head back to Thestrin's tower. He'll reward you with a 
bogus Mysterious Chant (don't ever use it). You can either give him the sword, 
which will net you another chant (this one useful), or keep the sword if you 
find his story a bit fishy.

Teleport to Eirulan and go talk to the grizzled bar patron to end the Secrets 
of Xeria's Temple quest. Refit your party as needed and teleport back to 
Xeria's Temple. Head north for the Act I boss battle.

The Giant Trilisk looks quite fearsome, but it's pretty easy. The middle head, 
Vitalus, is the problem child--it will heal the other two, but not itself. 
The snake only uses area-of-effect attacks that don't seem to hurt fighters 
that are up close. So go beat on the middle head, use your powers (they'll 
recharge quickly enough whacking off 15,000 health) and kill Vitalus. Once 
it's been chunked, the other two go down quickly enough.

Destroy the shard, talk to Captain Dathry and then enter the portal to 


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