Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[3.7] Chapter 7: Secret of the Azunite Desert

Primary Tasks:
* Find the Stela of Blindness
* Find the Stela of Life
* Find the Stela of Death
* Find the Stela of Sight
* Place the four stelae and learn the location of the Lost Vault of the

Secondary Quests:
* The Kithraya Hive
* Lelani's Sorrow
* A Family Heirloom

After talking to Captain Suzor, step into the house behind her and talk to 
soldier Balamar. He wants something to drink and you should still have that 
flask of Elven Ale you got back in Chapter 4. Trade him the Ale for some 
skath cat ribs. If you did a lot of talking to people in Eirulan, you may 
remember someone who wants some meat...Yeah, time to make a trip to Eirulan 
and finish the Kithraya Hive quest and take another step on Lelani's Sorrow. 
Fortunately, there's a teleporter nearby.

Travel back to Eirulan and go see Tamari at the falls for your reward. On the 
way back, stop at the inn and go upstairs and talk to soldier Jordhan. He's 
craving meat, so give him the skath cat ribs and receive a statue of Xeria in 
return. Might as well put it in the storage vault, you won't find someone who 
wants it until near the end of Act II.

Sell your unwanted gear and teleport back to the Azunite Desert. Don't bother 
with the stuff south of camp just yet, you'll be coming back to that area 
later. Leave the camp to the northeast and go down to the first Skath 
Guardian. Kill him for the Stela of Blindness.

Go west, under the bridge, to find the Skath Guardian with the Stela of Life. 
Go back to where you killed the first Guardian, and go north, up the slope to 
a tower. Enter the tower and take the elevator down to speak with Master 
Thestrin. Ask him about his duty and about the riddle needed to pass a 
guardian statue in his family's crypt.

Leave Thestrin and continue past the tower and turn back south toward the 
bridge to kill the Skath Guardian with the Stela of Death. Turn and go north; 
before you go through the archway, turn left (west) and go down the stairs to 
face the final Guardian and get the Stela of Sight.

Go north into the Azunite cavern and clear it. Then head back up the stairs 
and through the archway you approached earlier. Clear out this main cavern, 
the cavern to the west and the small canyon to the north. Then take the east 
path from the cavern to the Azunite Shrine.

In the first room of the shrine, find the interactive block on the south wall 
and press it to open a secret room. Collect the loot, which includes the 
Lesser Chant of Purity.

Go through the east door and follow the hallways of the shrine. You will soon 
reach an octagonal treasure room with four chests in each corner and one in 
the center. The chest in the southeast corner is a mimic, which is a very 
tough foe; but, drops a lot of loot.

The other three corner chests open one of a set of side doors with level 16 
creatures. The center chest opens all four doors. It's up to you whether you 
want a gang war or a little 4-on-1 monster killing. Continue south to a 
series of two elevators that take you to the inner chamber of the shrine.

Right next to you is a sanctuary door that requires ranged 13 or better to 
open. On the east wall is a bookstand with the Lesser Chant of Melee 
Awareness. After taking the treasure, place the Stelae in their sockets. A 
Map of the Lost Vault of the Azunites and a silver mirror appear on the 
central pedestal. Collect them, the door to the west opens, and Chapter 7 
comes to an end.


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