Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[3.6] Chapter 6: Leaving Greilyn Isle

Primary Tasks:
* Locate the Kithraya Caverns
* Look for survivors from Vix's squad
* Investigate Eastern Greilyn Beach
* Destroy the shard
* Use the portal to leave Greilyn Isle
* Talk to Captain Suzor

Secondary Quests:
* The Hak'u, Part II
* Feldwyr the Blacksmith
* The Kithraya Hive

After the history lesson, talk to the Azunite scholar again and he will open 
the path east. Loot the camp, then take the west path (yes, that's west, not 
east). Near the incantation shrine, find a small cave where you can locate 
Hrawn, the Hak'u. Talk to him to open the remainder of the Hak'u, Part II 

Leave Hrawn and his father and return to the Dryad camp. This time take the 
newly opened east path and then turn south and find the Eastern Greilyn 
Jungle teleporter. Teleport to the Western Jungle.

From the Western Greilyn Jungle teleporter, go due west to find the usurper's 
house. (You may remember having explored this area earlier, during your trip 
to the Elven Shrine.) Knock on the door of the house. The usurper will let 
you in and try to kill you. Do unto him before he does unto you.

Teleport to the Eastern Jungle and make your way to Hrawn's cave. Talk to his 
father to receive your reward. Now teleport back to Eirulan and visit Hesla 
in the infirmary to receive even more reward.

It's about time to sell off some loot; once you've done that, teleport to the 
Eastern Greilyn Jungle. Continue along the main path. You will soon reach 
some ruins and the path will turn south, over a bridge. Enter the ruins, kill 
some Hak'u and find Feldwyr the blacksmith. Talk to him to initiate his quest.

In the room south of Feldwyr is a lift that will take you up into a locked 
tower on the cliff above the ruins. You can unlock the door from the inside, 
creating a little shortcut back down to Feldwyr. After talking to the 
blacksmith, the door to the east opens and you can go down into the depths of 
the ruins.

At the bottom of the second stairway, you can turn either left (north) or 
right (south). Go north and fight your way through a bunch of relatively low-
level Hak'u until you find the mini-boss and get Feldwyr's anvil. In the 
eastern-most room of this set of rooms, look for a lever on the wall that 
opens the center room and find a treasure chest.

Back at the fork in the path, going south presents you with a level 24 mini-
boss guarding a room full of level 22 mobs. Not only would it be almost 
impossible to defeat this mini-boss (your characters are probably about level 
14, unless you've been doing some farming); but, you won't get much XP from 
the encounters since they are so much higher in level than you. Best to wait 
until you're about 20th level, then return here and clear out the southern 
portion of the ruins.

Leave Feldwyr's sanctuary and continue south over the bridge. You will soon 
enter a narrow cavern which leads to a ridge above the path you've been 
traveling. You'll find a tower here, inside of which is Vix, a human ranger 
who offers to join you for your trip through the caverns. If you tell Vix to 
take a hike, he will--but only as far as the Eirulan inn. Also inside the 
tower is a chant, the Lesser Chant of Ranged Awareness.

After passing through Vix's tower, you'll enter the Upper Kithraya Caverns. 
Fight your way through them. About 3/4 of the way you'll find a large chamber 
with two exits: a wide one in the southeastern corner and a narrow one in the 
southwestern corner. There's also a broken elevator, but you can't fix it 
until later.

Take the narrow, southwest passage to a dead end with a mini-boss and a 
little loot. Then take the wider passage to the southeast to find a 
teleporter and the entrance to the Lower Kithraya Caverns.

Fight your way through the caverns until you encounter one of Vix's soldiers, 
who is quite possessed. Soon after leaving the zombified remains of the 
soldiers behind, you'll come to a fork in the path. Take the right (south) 
path to find and kill the hive queen and get her head.

Head back the other way to enter Eastern Greilyn Beach. Fight the spirits and 
destroy the shard, then head down to the beach and talk to the scholar. After 
your conversation, the portal off the island is open. Step through to a small 
desert camp and talk to Captain Suzor.


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