Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[3.4] Chapter 4: The Plague

Primary Tasks:
* Find the ancient Elven shrine.
* Locate the Elven fountain.
* Fill the empty vial with water from the Elven fountain.
* Report back to Taar in the Eirulan great hall.

Secondary Quests:
* The Hak'u
* The Hak'u Part II
* The Armorer's Apprentice
* Lelani's Sorrow
* Secrets of the Elven Shrine
* Kithraya Hive
* Secrets of Xeria's Temple

Across the room from Taar is the elf, Tellendril. He can tell you all about 
war pedestals (and the entry will be added to your Handbook). Nearby, on a 
shelf, is the Tome of Smithing that will tell you how to make Dryad armor. 
Near the ramp to the lower level is Anerith, and elf who will instruct you in 
how to obtain quests.

In the lower level you can pick up a book called "The Mothers of Eirulan". 
Historian Arisu can tell you many tales of the history of Greilyn Island and 
Aranna. Leave the hall and go to the infirmary next door. Speak to Hesla, 
Morain and Tanzi to end the Hak'u quest and begin the Hak'u Part II quest.

Take the lift back to the merchant's area and talk to Telinu. Give her the 
correct formula for making Dryad armor (conversation option #3). You'll 
complete the Armorer's Apprentice quest and get a suit of magical Dryad armor 
and a magical spell book.

You may be infected with plague, but all areas of Eirulan are now open to you. 
If you want to add another companion slot to your party, go to the inn and 
speak to the innkeeper. Adding a companion slot costs 500 gold. You might 
also want to buy a pet: the local pet store currently has a pack mule (300 
gold), ice elemental (500 gold) and scorpion queen (350 gold).

Walk counter-clockwise around behind the pet shop to find a ramp leading up 
to Laenne's house. Talk to her about a "Lost Sapphire of the Elves" hidden in 
the Elven Shrine. Since you're going there anyway...

Next to the pet shop is a house where you meet Lelani. Talk to her to begin 
the Lelani's Sorrow trading quest. This quest will span much of the game, but 
you can make the first trade now. Take the child's doll Lelani gives you and 
head for the Falls, which you can reach using a lift from the Inn.

In the first house, talk to Fenella and give her the doll. She'll give you a 
flask of Elven ale in return. Walk through the back door of Fenella's house 
and take the elevator down. Follow the path to another elevator and enter the 
house to talk to Tamari. Talk to her to get the Kithraya Hive quest.

Outside Tamari's house, activate the lever to lower the bridge for a shortcut 
back. Head to the Inn and stop inside for a chat with the grizzled bar patron, 
who is sitting, amazingly, at the bar. Keep choosing conversation option #1 
to get a quest for the future, Secrets of Xeria's Temple.

Once you're done in town, teleport back to the Western Greilyn Jungle. From 
the teleporter, head west, off the path, to find an incantation shrine and a 
book with the Lesser Chant of Mage Health. Continue exploring westward to 
find a Hak'u encampment that includes the house of the Hak'U usurper. You 
can't do anything about him now, but you can loot the environs, picking up 
some good magical items, the Lesser Chant of Casting and the Lesser Chant of 
Ranger Health.

Make your way back to the main path and continue south. You'll come to a 
Dryad outpost. They give you permission to loot them, so do so--don't miss 
the armor stand in the corner or the Lesser Chant of Fighter Health on the 
book stand. Now all you have left to do is follow the gray dirt road to the 
Elven Shrine.

       Entrance              |
            _________        |
 _________           |       |
|         |        __|       |
|  Lift   |       |        __|
|         |       |       |
|_   _   _|_______|       |            N
|                 |       |        W <-+-> E
|                         |            S
|_________________|__   __|
                  |       | <- sanctuary door
                  |       |    requires level 6 ranger

In the first level of the shrine, you can find a sanctuary door that requires 
ranged level 6 or better to open. Clear out a couple of rooms to find the 
lift down to level 2.

        |    | <- Final secret room containing Lost Sapphire
 _     _|_  _|
| \___|      |
|       Lift | <- Activate button on west wall to open secret room
|  ___     __|    and begin puzzle that takes you to Lost Sapphire
|_/   |   |
      |   |
      |   |____
      |   |    |
      |        |
      |   |____|
      |   |_______
      |           |                  N
      |   |       |              W <-+-> E
      |   |       |                  S
      |   |       |
      |    _______|
   ___|   |     |
  |   |         |
  |___    |_____|  <- Room to west is sanctuary room,
      |   |           requires nature mage level 6 to open
      |   |
      |   |__
      |      |
     _|     /
    |      /  <- Boss fight, winning unlocks door to fountain
    |     /
 ___|    |_____________
|              __      |
|             |  |     | <- Teleporter
|  Fountain   |  |_____|
|             |

When you reach level 2, search for a button on the west wall, near the lift, 
to open a secret room and begin your search for the Lost Sapphire of the 

Loot the room, then left-click the Green Life Cube pile to pick up a cube, 
then left-click the Green Life Cube Socket to place the cube in the socket. A 
lever is revealed. Activate the lever to be taken down a level. Find the 
button on the north wall to open a secret room to the south. Get two cubes 
from the Yellow Sight Cube pile and place one in the Yellow Sight Cube Socket 
in the south room.

Grab two Red Blindness Cubes from the pile in the south room, then activate 
the revealed lever in the north room to go down one more level. Activate the 
button in the east wall to open the room with the Red Blindness Cube Socket. 
Place one cube there, then grab two Purple Death Cubes and put one in the 
appropriate socket in the other room.

Another secret room opens. Put your remaining red, yellow and purple cubes in 
the appropriate sockets, then activate the lever to be taken to the sapphire, 
as well as three chant books: Lesser Chant of Fighter Power, Lesser Chant of 
Ranger Power and Lesser Chant of Mage Power.

You'll come back out in the lift room of level 2. Make your way south, 
looting the side rooms. One side room has a sanctuary door that requires a 
level 6 or higher nature mage to open.

Once you descend a flight of steps, prepare for a boss fight. There are three 
very tough Hak'u in the next room, one of which keeps reviving as long as the 
other two are alive. Once the three boss Hak'u are dead, the door to the 
south opens and you can enter the fountain.

There are only a few weak Hak'u in this room. Kill them, then left-click the 
fountain to fill your vial. Grab the Chant of Lesser Prosperity from the 
north wall. Use the teleporter to the east to return to Eirulan. Go see 
Laenne above the pet shop and give her the sapphire, then return to Taar to 
complete Chapter 4.


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