Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[2.4] Known Bugs (as of release version 2.0)

This game does have some showstopper bugs in it, but they don't hit everybody, 
so it may be a while before Gas Powered Games is able to fix them. See hint 
#6 in section 2.2 for information on backing up your save games (since DS2 
only gives you two saves per character). Keep regular backups. If you hit a 
showstopper bug, you can restore a previous save and try again.

* In Act I, Chapter 5, the old man asking for help may never acknowledge your
  help if you kill all the Dryads quickly. You can reload from an earlier
  save, if you have one. To avoid the bug, allow the Dryads to hit the old
  man a few times. As of this writing, there is no official patch for this
  problem, but there is an unofficial fix here:


  Use at your own risk.

* In Act II, Chapter 3, you have to place some refractor crystals in
  refractors in order to activate the Elven Prism. Some have had a problem
  with the game not acknowledging they have a crystal when they try to
  insert it into a refractor. According to an official post on the GPG

  "What has happened is that you double-clicked on one of the light
   mechanisms and (because of the bug) you were able to insert 2 crystals.
   This will be fixed in the upcoming patch (which will allow you to
   continue), but it won't be out until around the end of the month."

  This quote was made Tuesday, August 23, 2005; so, if you are stuck here
  and you have saved more than once since entering the Isles, you may just
  have to wait for the patch. Unfortunately, the "end of the month" has
  come and gone and GPG is still saying it will be at least a couple more
  weeks (as of 2005/09/03) until the patch is ready.

* When you add a party member at the Inn, instead of the party member you
  selected, you get a duplicate of another party member. The first party
  member is gone and you've now got two of another companion in your
  "party inventory". There's no known workaround for this glitch except
  to reload and try again.

* When you finish a difficulty level, you cannot get rid of previously
  hired companions. Since you can't get rid of the "old" henchmen, the
  "new" henchmen from the current difficulty level won't join your party.
  The solution is to have a bunch of pets, enough to fill up the first
  page of the "party inventory" screen at the Inn. Then, add henchmen to
  your party and disband them until all the henchmen are on the second
  page of the party inventory. You should now be able to release the
  henchmen permanently and pick up their higher level counterparts.

* Skipping a cutscene may prevent scripts from running. This is prevalent
  during the chase of the Vai'kesh Prophet during Act II, Chapter 5. If
  you skip a cutscene showing the Prophet, the creature may stand there,
  not attacking, but invulnerable to your attacks. You can usually move
  on and he'll show up again at the next cutscene location. The moral
  of the story: don't skip cutscenes.

* Characters can get stuck in the oddest places. Even out in the middle
  of empty space. If a character gets stuck and can't move, your only
  option is to summon a teleporter and jump back to town and then return.
  If you're in town when this happens, you have to quit the game and restart.

* Not a bug, but a huge annoyance. The conversation triggers don't recognize
  any monsters nearby. Almost every party conversation, and more than a few
  quest conversations get interrupted by attacks. This is nothing more than
  poor design; hopefully it will be fixed in some way.


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