Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

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@_/_/_/_/_| ____  [2] GAMEPLAY BASICS                                    )
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In addition to the game manual and tutorial stage (Chapter 1), DS2 has an in-
game Handbook that is part of your Journal. (For ease of use, the Handbook is 
reproduced in this guide in section 5.1) If you want to know all the ins-and-
outs of playing DS2, refer to those resources. This section is intended as a 
quick-start guide for players who don't like lots of reading before playing.

[2.1] Controls

Movement & Camera
* Left-click accessible ground to move.
* Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom the camera.
* Move the mouse to the edges of the screen, or hold the mouse wheel
  button and move the mouse to rotate the camera.

Combat & Interaction
* Right-click an enemy to attack, hold the right mouse button down to
  continue attacking until the enemy is dead.
* Left-click doors, gates, levers, etc. to open/activate them.
* Right-click containers to open/destroy them.
* Press 'Z' to collect all nearby loot on the ground
* Left-click friendly NPCs to talk to them (if they display the talk balloon
* Right-click an ally to cast a beneficial spell on him/her/it.
* Press 'H' to drink health potions (all party members who are in need,
* Press 'M' to drink mana potions (all party members who are in need, drink).
* Press 'G' to set the party in Rampage mode.
* Press 'F' to set party in Mirror mode.
* There are two other party modes: Defend and Wait. By default they do not
  have hotkeys, so you can assign whatever you wish.

Character Management
* Drag a character's portrait to re-order the party.
* Double-click a character's portrait to open that character's Character
* Left-click a character's portrait to set that character as the active
* Press 'I' to open the active character's Inventory.
* Press 'B' to open the active character's Spell Book.
* Press 'P' to open the active character's Specialties (skills).
* Press 'V' to open all character Inventories.
* Press 'K' to autosort all Inventories.
* Drag an item from one character's Inventory to a character portrait to give
  the item to another character.
* CTRL-left-click while shopping to automatically buy or sell an item.
* Right-click an item in Inventory to automatically equip it.

Game Control
* Press SPACE to pause the game.
* Press ESC to open the game menu.
* Press J to open the Journal.
* Press and hold TAB to view the overhead map.


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