Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

[1.2] FAQ

Q. How do I unlock the higher difficulty levels?
A. Complete the game at the lower difficulty levels. You must finish
   the game at Mercenary level to play at Veteran level. You must finish
   the game at Veteran level to play at Elite level.

Q. How do I add more than four characters to my party?
A. Four characters is the limit for Merc difficulty. At Veteran difficulty
   you can add a fifth party member. At Elite difficulty, you can add
   a sixth party member.

Q. Where are the set items?
A. Set items are random drops based on your character level. While certain
   treasure chests and foes have a higher probability of dropping a set item,
   no two people will find the same item in the same place. You can even find
   multiples of set items (and other uniques). The items drop according to
   your character level, so if you get past the intended level without com-
   pleting a set, you'll probably never complete it.

   The exception are the set items that are part of a specific quest. These
   include the Secrets of the Forgotten (Lost Jewels of Soranith quest),
   the Ghostly Visions (Spirits of Aranna quest) and Luun's Deathblades
   (Mark of the Assassin quest). Additionally, some are reporting that pieces
   of Nature's Vigilance are always found in certain places in Act I. I have
   not independently verified this as yet.

Q. Where's the best place to XP/item farm?
A. There's no really good place to farm for XP as power leveling is kind of
   a useless activity. The best place to item farm is anywhere in a town or
   near a teleporter so you can reload and quickly return to try again.
   Probably the best place to item farm is the Aman'lu Arena. Don't open
   the treasure rooms until after you've completed all nine matches. Then
   save your game before examining your filthy lucre. If you don't like
   what you're given, reload and go open the treasure rooms again. You can
   often get a lot of set items this way.

   Of course, if you are really into item farming, you might as well just use
   a item-drop mod. There are several at this Web site:


   I used a couple of these mods in writing this FAQ.

Q. Can I earn any bonus skill points?
A. Yes. The following quests earn one (1) bonus skill point:

   The Dryad Exile Colony (Act I, Chapter 5)
   The Lost Azunite Artifact (Act I, Chapter 8)
   The Agallan Trial (Act III, Chapter 6)
   The Hak'u, Part II (Act I, Secondary Quest #7)
   The Servant's Haunt (Act II, Secondary Quest #13)

   You receive two (2) bonus skill points for completing these quests:

   Arinth the Mad (Act II, Secondary Quest #6)
   Aman'lu Arena (Act II, Secondary Quest #12)

Q. Who is ??? What is with this Mysterious Bucket/Token/Stone/Book?
A. See section 4.7, The Mysterious Mystery Quest


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