Dungeon Siege II Walkthrough

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[1.1] Review

Dungeon Siege II, like its predecessor, is a basic dungeon crawl--or "action 
RPG" in modern parlance. The game's focus is destroying hordes of enemies 
while completing a variety of quests (tasks) that are given you. As you lay 
waste the quivering mass of foes that press upon you, your character gains 
experience, which you can translate into extra power in the form of higher 
ability scores, new weapons and spells and additional skills.

As in the original, DS2 is a point-and-click game and you can pretty much run 
the whole show with just your mouse. Combat is real-time, but you just choose 
your attack (melee, ranged or spell) and right-click an enemy. AI-controlled 
characters will attack an enemy until it is dead. To make the player-
controlled character attack an enemy until it is dead, hold down the right 
mouse button.

DS2 has a richer, more varied story than DS1, which makes it easier to 
motivate oneself to venture forth into the slaughtering fields. There's more 
conversations to be had in towns, and lots more optional secondary quests. 
All this makes DS2 a much better game than DS1 and will make it more 
accessible to a few of the hardcore RPG players that normally eschew dungeon 


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