The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"To get the fun bar up really quickly when watchin TV, change the channel to anything but the cooking channel and the bar will quickly fill!!!! " - Fioan

"ok guys chillax with the twins "cheats" the starsign thing is false, same with taking pictures, just hit ctrl+shift+c and type "forcetwins"
i did this twice jsut to make sure and i had twins, easy as. " - Girly-Girly-Mc-Girl-Girl

"Don't sell the post box, 'coz' if you do, people will turn up at your house uninvited, and virtually never leave." - Sarah

"I've read a lot of ways to get twins. The way that I learned (And it's worked every time) Was to use the cheat "forcetwins'' Once you have done this cheat, you cannot undo it, atleast, I haven't found out a way to undo it. Enjoy your twins! :D" - Heasterr

"Fireman/ etc. stays
Activate the moveobjects on cheat, then delete the firetruck.

Walk on water
Activate the same cheat, then place your sim on the pool.

Activate the cheat : ForceTwins

Alien baby
Delete all family members but the baby, and a social worker will come for it. Adopt a child to get this baby. ( the original family will return when you play the lot again

Quick skill ( Theory)
Hire a maid, then get the item from aspiration points that allows you to suck out skill, and steal her skill." - Kikyo ^_^