The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"Clone your sim get the cheat window up,then do the cheat moveobjects on go in to buy mode pick your sim up you want to clone,hold it and press can delete your sim by pressing delete.but when you move out your sim will apeare againg. just saying cus you cloned it make sure your wife dont flirt with the wrong one they will become enimes" - Elisha

"You can have twins and it works for me everytime - all you need to do it get the cheat window up and type "forcetwins" trust me, I got it from the stratgy guide - it works! Also, if you don't want to cheat - eating cheesecake increases your chances of having twins too!
Hope it helps!
xxx" - Hayley

"To get Bella Goth back really fast, do this: Open the cheat window, and type in boolProp Testingcheatsenabled true. Exit out, and go to live mode. Hold down the shift key, click a sim, and you will see the option, Spawn. Select that and click Tombstone of L and D. After you do that, a tombstone should show up next to your sim. Click it (not holding shift key), and select Add Neighbor to Family. Keep clicking more until you see Bella's name. Click that and press play. Bella should appear next to it. I know it's the real Bella because Unlike Strangetown Bella, She is related to Cassandara. She will not be married to Mortimer and will have no memories." - Austin

"hey twins are pretty random but if u have the sims open for buissness you can just type boolportestingcheatsenabled true and then hold shirft and click and pick force tiwns make sure u do this before she gives brith this way shell have twins" - sims_master

"Ohkayy there are six places to woohoo (That I know of):

Photo Booths
Hot Tubs
Dressing rooms" - BE radd