The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"When you are using boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true, you can move your levels up and down. To get more friends Put all levels up and social level all the way down then call a sim you don'r know very well and talk on the phone. Then tada! you've got friends!" - sarah

"if u want a large house move the sims into the largest lot then "pause" and use the "motherlode" cheat!" - simz2addict

"(open 4 buisness is required) If your sim has good sales badge(gold) click on a customer and do sales...dazzle. but first set custom price 4 that object up to 1000. with slightly more hard work your sim will buy it, meaning more money 4 u!" - alexspoom11

"if u want lots of simoleons then u do this:
press ctrl, shift, C then type: motherlode or kaching if u want your mood really high type this:
press ctrl, shift, C then type: maxmotives when you are playing the game or on the neighbour lot you can type this as its really good:
press ctrl, shift, C then type: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true this is really good (if you keep on typing this cheat it will muck up ur computer ok) when u done u go to the making sims then you type the surname then press shift and N to get cool skin tones and new clothes for them sims fan" - chippy

"OK, if you do a cheat in the cheat box called "moveobjects on" you can move anything, sims a plumbob, and more. but be careful because, sometimes you can accidently delete your sim!!" - coolcat

"ok if you want to have twins don't do twinsr2cute because it doesn't work i tried, ok you need to do the boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true in the neighbourhood then go on the house that you won't and then get the sim pregnant and then once you now your sim is pregnant pause the game then shift and left click the sim you won't to have twins and find force-twins and then click on it and then your sim will have twins.

P.S. to put the cheat need to put the cheat box in to do this you need to click ctrl+shift+c then typr in the cheat boolprop......" - conk