The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"If you are desperate to make your Sims fall in love... Start off by letting them talk and chat by using jokes...Then always check if the "kiss" icon appears..When it does it will start off with a peck and the more they fall in love the more kissing choices will appear. But beware! Never be tooo desperate in kissing. If you kiss too much the opposition will start to oppose you and your "relationship" will start to fall apart!" - Smart Guy!

"for the forcetwins you dont need open for bisness I just have the sims 2 and it worked for me" - anonymous

"If u r sick and tired of keeping yr sims alive just pause the game and enter the cheat (maxmotives) and keep it paused after u put that cheat in put in another cheat (motivedecay off) it will pause yr needs and if u dont like that put (motivedecay on) and it will be like normal.
P.S. the cheats for sims 2 r addicting and i advise u to save yrself while u still can! :D seriously!" - LaMere

"Make a female Sim and have her aspiration as Romance. She'll mostly likely have a lifetime want of WooHoo with 20 Sims.

Hang about the house until people from the neighbourhood come to welcome you, make her greet everyone. Then get her to socialise with all the men and build the relationships up enough to have WooHoo.

Don't marry any of the men, but just click on Try For Baby. All her kids won't have any resembelance to their father. They'll all look like their mum.

I have also been told, that if your Sim doesn't get married and has children, eventually, the children will become adults and you'll be able to have the parent and child flirt with each other....I personally haven't done this, but my Sim-Buddy told me!" - japaneice

"*Spread the wealth!* If you want to spread some money around without cheating, get a rich sim like Mortimer to buy a bunch of flat screen TV's, then put them in the inventory of any sim you want. That sim can then sell the TV's and get some major cash!


*Create the PERFECT sim!* Want to create a perfect sim? Make one with the knowlege aspiration. Then have them get the Thinking cap aspiration reward when they can. Wear it, and study all you want, they like studying too. Also, fulfill their aspirations to get the elixer of life, and keep them young. Eventually, you will get your sim to have maxed skills and still be the same age with this process!" - Semidose