The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"This isn't really a cheat but once you have the Sims 2 and the Open for Business expansion pack installed this will surely work.

1. First you need to finish upgrading all of your Sim's skills.

2. Open the Buy Mode and purchase a Robotics Station (this is found in the chess knight icon in the Miscellaneous items tab along with the Floral and Toy Making Stations).

3. Let your Sim earn his/her talent badge for this particular craft up to the GOLD ROBOTICS TALENT BADGE.

4. This is the time when your Sim can now make the Servo Robot. The Servo Robot can now replace maids and gardeners in your Sim's house and can do many of the tasks that Sim's can do as well. It appears in your Family members tab and you can choose if it's male or female. It can recharge itself during the morning and can sleep at night to increase its power. WARNING: NOT to make contact with water (bathtubs, hottubs, or pools) as it will malfunction and go run amok!" - michellemariesuan

"To make your family generation longer and better,Dont have more then 4kids max,depends on your gaming abitly,always have a small home(for funds and you no where everything is) Focuse on that 1 family and in 3weeks or less you will have a favourite family and a long generation!!


If you rly love your sim,not crush then the chances for your sim not having to break up are 67%.But if you suddenly want to get marryed with a unknown sim and you have a crush then you will 1.Find it harder to get marryed and it will be longer 2.The sim probably doesnt want to marry ur sim so stick with love!" - koleabear

"Hi! i have a great tip you will appreciate.
1. Use the BoolProp TestingEnabledCheats True - cheat before you select the house you want.

2. Select your house..... select a sim..... go to its needs....... click and drag them all the way up.

You can also drag up all the skills, and almost anything else.

If this helped you then your welcome :) If you already knew it or you dont like it then im sorry :( BYE :) <3" - ~BRYANNA~