The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

" When you want to kill a sim, go into build mode, type in the cheat moveobjects_on, and then take the doors off of the room said sim is inside of. They eventually starve to death. ( just make sure you don't lock them in a kitchen. You can also put your sim in a pool with the same cheat and take of the ladders out of the pool. Your sim eventually drowns" - Veneno

"another way to kill a sim if u dont have a pool is to make them walk into a room and remove the door" - adicted2playinsimz

"Oh man!! deleting homework is so easy. before ur kids come home with homework, place a study table in the living room for each kid. they will eahc place it on teh desk. if someone places it on the floor, go to te "BUY" menu and put it on the desk urself. Now enable the "moveobjects on" cheat and delete the desk. the homework will automatically be deleted. its as simple as that!! :D" - Marysimsfreak

"If you enter boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true, you can make all of the sims needs, relationships and skills go up, by clicking and dragging. Also, if you enter intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims 200 , this means that you can invite up to 200 guests to a party (number can be changed). If you enter the boolProp codes, above, and then shift and click on the mailbox, there are several options, like make me know everyone, If you shift and click on a newspaper, you can easily get your sims a job, and set what level they are at." - Brodie

"Clean your cooker or the next time your sims cook you will have a fire.hoorah!!" - kolea