The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"If you want a quick 20,000 move an adult sim out and then go to neighborhood and move him right back in it works! or u can just do motherlode cheat. Hey does any1 know the cheat to get all the cheats to show?" - Marne

"* More stuff with the 'boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true" Cheat* I almost garntee that my Tips will work... if they don't im sorry

**okay if you want twins, type in the cheat above and Shift-Click the pregnant Mother. ( she must have a bump for it to work.) then all you do is look for a button in the face menu that says " Debug Twins" or something like that...

Nightlife + other EP's... ONLY
** If you want to Change your mood , render how many skill points yo have, change your relationship with someone,etc. type the cheat above and Shift-Click a sim.( it doesn't really matter ) then you look for the button that says "Spawn" click it. and you will find a whole new menu to choose from... you can experiment with theese ( but Please i warn you... some have weird effects, and i wont know how to get rid of them...) or you can look for Sim Modder

Just so you Know... i have Pets, Nightlife,OFB and the christmas one so if you don't have all the EP's i have something might not work

Have Fun Simming!!!!!" - Sims-Queen

"enter the cheat boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true n wen ur sim is in the house hold on shift n clik the mail box u can get utha peeps 2 pay ur bils. u can drag up needs skills n relationship things.

4 a public woohoo call a taxi n invite the sim ur sim is datin to go 2 the clothes shop community lot. clik on try on n then kwikly clik on uhta sim n select public woohoo the shop ppl cheer n clap.

if u dnt like the box tht appears when ur sim is showerin or woteva then type in 2 the cheat box- intprop censorgridsize 0 its kinda odd bt o wel. aging off/on -turn aging on/off helpful cheat.

if u wanna c wot the social reaction wil b 4 sumat social_debug" - secret