The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"ive read all these tips on here well most of them and most of the tips about getting twins are crap the twinsR2cute dunt work n jus cuz your sims sick twice dunt mean thier gunna have twins anyway the way that always works and i no it cuz ive tried it a million time is while your sim is poregnant make them eat cheesecake and ta da they will have twins

PS: need high cooking skill to get cheescake!!" - sophie2006

"Okay all this Crap about the "forcetwins" cheat or eating spahgetthi doesn't work... people just say that because they had twins.... But one fo-sho way to do it is by doing the "boolProp testingCheatEnabled true" cheat(with out quotes) and shift click. then look for the debug- Twins thing..***** You MUST BE PREGNANT WITH A BUMP***** i garentee it will work." - Sims-Queen

"force twins does work
eating cheese cake pe4 birth doesnt
and a helicopter dus come for u at the top of every career. belief me." - hi

"if you want a big family just create children or teens to be the children of the couple then move them into a huge lot then pause use the motherlode cheat a few times and create a big house

p.s if you dont wanna keep clicking ctrl shift c just time in somtin crazy like dsghkj then a scroll down menue will pop up and say unkown code then just keep typing motherlode and it wont go away then when you are ready to stop just type exit" - simz2player

"To make your sims to have twins,make a girl +boy adult in Create-a-sim then choose gemi and when you try for baby,87% that you will have a baby." - Koleabear