The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"Ok, i been hearin alot of dumb crap about having twins by doing ridiculous stuff, its really simple, just have your female sim get pregnant, Then after that, or during labour (At least before she haves the baby) press CTR+C then type in "forcetwins" .Then your sims will have Two babies (twins) when she gives birth. This cheat DOEs work unless it was some big coincidence that my sims had twins After i put the cheat. IT WILL WORK! But let me warn you, having twins (or two babies at the same time) is death to your sim for the next two life stages of your baby, im telling you now, only have twins if your an expert at taking care of babies, its very hard to have two babies at the same time crying and whining that both have needs to tend two. Both my sims got depressed, first chance i got to send them to college i did." - Duhh

"I've seen a lot of twin ideas...and they may work...but i believe the easiest way to get twins is to pause when the mother is in labor, open the cheat box and type "forcetwins" works everytime!" - Sims2isAMAZING

"a great way to have twins without doing anything really complicated is when in labor...use the cheat "force twins"(without quotations of course) and ur sim will have twins...other ways may work too but i've used this one many many times" - bshis

"if u want to have twins, have the girl sim eat cheese cake just before u '' try for baby''" - lizzie

"If you want twins, the official Sims 2 website says to eat some cheesecake, or, while the pregnant sim is selected, use the forcetwins cheat in the cheat box (ctrl+shift+C)

I saw a lot of people had problems with getting twins, so here you go. =)" - Nasha

"Twins can be made through a cheat. You must have the Sims "Open For Business" expansion pack. Open the cheat box and type in "forcetwins" without the quotation marks. You will have twins every time your Sim gets pregnant until you close the game. (Just repeat the process next time you play.)

This has worked EVERY time for EVERY person I've told it about. Trust me, it works." - DarlingDearest