The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"I think vincants trick is really useful and it also works for mechanicks =D" - Jackts

"If you want 2 kill a sim, get their energy level down really low. Then buy pool and put in the ladder. Tell the sim you want to kill to get in the pool. Once he/she is in the pool, go to build mode and sell the ladder. Wait and pretty soon the sim will die. R.I.P.

NOTE: You cannot "Plead For Loved One" with this tip." - simperson

"if u hit ctrl+sift+c, then type in "maxmotives" (without quotes), and then type in "motiveDecay off" (exactly like that except without quotes), u can max out all motives of all sims, have to go back home and do it again to work. but its pretty" - emocutiewitafabulousbooty

"i do use the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true cheat but after a while this cheat can skrew things up a bit. it also makes the game not so fun. i use it occasionally but i advise to you not to use it too much or sims just wont be what it used to be.

- also if you want to change a toddlers hair, use the cheat and then buy the makeup table ( under the extras in the table section) and then click shift and there will be the force error and something else. click the other option and there you go, your toddler can have a new dew.

please take my advise, i have learned the hard way" - kate k.

"if you want all ov the career rewards but dont wanna work for then then just bring up the cheat box and type in unlockcareerrewards and you can get everything" - alex

" *_If you want to kill your sim, build a tiny box from wall, with a door, put them in, then delete the door! Evil, I know!!_*

*_ If you order pizza, dont answer the deliverer, and he will just leave the pizza at the door, FREE! Same goes for groceries_*

PLAY SIMS 2, IT ROX!!!!" - *sim_luva