The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"when someone dies, turn them into a zombie! first, make your sim really dumb. then, make him with a family member. Kill the family member, and wait for the grim wreaper. plead for the persons life, and he will do the life game. the sim will make a pick of either reviving the sim, or turning the sim into s zombie. the dumber the sim, the more chances of a zombie sim.

if a sim you don't want to die dies, theres a simple way to just erase everything bad that happend in his or her life, but also revive the sim. when the sim dies, before the grimm wreper comes, open the cheat window.type in " helpme" . a screen will come up. the screen will have all of the sims memories. click on the memorie you want to select, and a menu of that memorie will show up. you can replay and watch the memorie, or just delete it. go back to your game. It will be resumed, and the moments you deleted will never fly in the sims mind again." - Cool_Person who love sims

"instead of keeping of typing ctrl shift C for typing in cheats like kaching or motherload...u can type in a cheat that doesnt kachern...n then this box thing will open up n then type kaching...highlight it ....n click ctrl C which is copy...n then click enter....then keep click ctrl v ...thats paste you can do it a million times n save lyk allot of time n be rich!" - Tracy xoxo

"Hold Shift and the Alt then press Enter,click the cheat bar and wright in Help it will give you a list of cool cheats.The list is kinda hard to follow so here some good cheats. Motherlode gives 50000$ UnlockCareerRewards Only works on one Sim at a time so go into LIVE mode: Career Rewards.Cool right?" - ! & ?

"hey everybody i no u av probably heard of the cheat boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. well all i can say is that once you are done using it u MUST turn it off afterwards else it will muck up ur comp. all u av 2 do is type boolprop testingcheatsenabled false
please please please take my advice ull thank me 4 it" - debz

"to have a baby really quick, then enter the cheat boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true and then press and hold shift then click on any sim. click more, then spawn and select tombstone of l and d, then click on the sim you want to get pregnant and then click on the tombstone and select have a baby with... then select the name of the father / mother. then if you want a fast pregnancy, clock on the tombstone again and find speed up my pregnancy." - jess