The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"when you have MOVEOBJECTS ON never pick a person up while they are sitting. they will have back problems for therest of their life and can never stand up straight again, so be careful" - kacey

"Why waste your time typing motherlode over and over again? just bring up the cheat window and type "familyFunds "familyname" "amount" don't type the quotes and for the amount type in any number between 0 and 9,999,999. I have nightlife, not sure if this'll work for earlier versions" - realitycheck

"Hey! I was just reading some of these tips, correction it's not mothrelode, its motherlode

I have the perfect cheat, don't like wasting time goting to bed?? Or studying to gain all those levels? when your in "Create A Family" mode press shift+ctrl+c then the box will pop up, type in:
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
then press shift+n a thing with come up saying something about debugging, you get new hair and stuff and when you got o play with your sims you can just drag their levels up and down and their study levels and their neatness and if you press shift and click your sim while in live mode you will have soooo much more to select from, and also you can drag up their relation ship levels and if you have a party, you can make your guests selectable but pressing shift and clicking your sim. anyway, i hope my tip has been helpful =] BYEE!" - Michaela

"if u got enough to get the bird thingy, hire a maid.when she come, use that bird to take her skill! thats why i got full skill in cooking and cleaning" - vincent

"Get your Sim to have a really high creative skill by painting pictures. You can sell them. The more skill they have the more money you can sell them for. You can get more money if they paint portraits. " - Shel

"If you want the big cash, get a new girl/boy-friend and make her/him move in. They will add a large amount of money to your family-foundation. then you just move her/him out. (Find own place, in the newspaper)  " - jerk