The Sims 2 Tips & Secrets

"put your own music on the game.

start > my documents > EA games > sims 2 > music > (choose the catogry you want) > then drag music files there and you can listen to your music on the sterio.

note:must be mp3 file" - steve

"if you want a cool decoration then have the sims watch tv and then have them turn it off. when the remote control is in their hand, go to buy mode and turn on the moveobjects on cheat. move the remote from their hand and place it on a table or something. you can't do anything with the remote but it looks cool and next time they turn off the tv there will be another one so you can get lots of remotes!" - xsweetpea123x

"if lots of your needs are low worry about social last because if worstcomes to worst the social bunny appears" - rebecca

"Their is a LOT bigger chance of you having twins if both of the parents star sighns are Gemini! trust me it works!" - dandilionsprite

"if you want a bookcase for free, just buy a bookcase and make your sim read a book. interupt the sim reading and he will then put the book down. you can then sell the bookcase and the book will still be there. this book can be used exactly like the bookcase. beleive me ive done it a million times!" - blueman

"When using boolprop, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! for the love of God don't click on Force Error. It will crash your game." - macmudge